3 Different Ways To Up Your Coffee Game (+ a Giveaway!)

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Good morning, good morning!

Hope all of you had a restful sleep and are feeling fresh for what’s almost the weekend. My mom came into town the other day to avoid the crazy hurricane that’s surrounding the Florida panhandle (she would have been fine being in Naples, but just to be safe), so that was a lovely surprise. So between having her here in Chicago and working on shoots, it’s been a pretty good week to say the least.

So there’s really no better time for me to be sitting down and writing this than right now, considering I’ve just made the most delicious cup of coffee and I’m savoring it as we speak. While we’ve been diving deep into conscious heartbreak and re-building and putting back the pieces over the past couple of weeks, I thought I’d keep it light today with three of my favorite ways that I’ve been livening up my coffee game in the mornings. I promise you, they’re worth sharing.

3 Ways to Up Your Coffee Game

French Press Coffee on Outdoor Patio in Chicago - The Calm Collective

I gave up this coffee maker for the French Press, mainly because I’ve been loving the practice of patience while waiting for my coffee. Going through the steps like grinding the beans, waiting for the water to (almost) boil, stirring the grounds, and then waiting 4 minutes for it to steep. Dare it say that waiting game makes the coffee taste that much better? ;)

What really does make it taste that much better has been adding just a little something extra each morning. So below are the three different ways that I’ve played around with my morning cup of java. Note: each method requires this little gadget (that I love).

Add Collagen Powder 

I actually got this idea from my friend Jess, but it’s a sure fire way to reap the benefits each morning while sipping on your coffee.  There are two ways that you can do this: you can add the collagen powder and mix it in with your coffee grounds prior to adding the water (it’ll blend pretty effortlessly due to the almost boiling water) OR you can add the collagen powder in after you’ve poured your coffee, and use your frother to blend. Best part? You can’t taste the collagen powder.

Add Super Greens Powder (in Chocolate)

This, you guys, is a game changer. Not only does it taste amazing, but you’re getting your greens… in your coffee. Why wouldn’t you, if you could?! I’ve always just put this in my smoothie, but the other day I decided to go for some eggs instead and thought, “I wonder what this would be like in my coffee…” So, same thing as above, I added a scoop to my grounds, made the coffee as usual, and then used my frother once it was in my coffee mug to ensure it was all blended.

Add Peanut Butter Powder

Now this may only appeal to some of you – the ones like me who are obsessed with all things Peanut Butter. If I’ve peaked your interest with this one, you have to trust me and give it a try. The key here is to also add a little bit of almond milk (or whatever your creamer of choice is) to make it that much more worthy. Here are the steps: ground your coffee, add 1/2 or 1TBS of the PB Powder to the grounds, make your French press (or however you make your coffee), add your creamer to your coffee mug, once the coffee is ready, pour it into your mug with your creamer, froth, and then never be the same again :)

French Press Coffee on Outdoor Patio in Chicago - The Calm Collective

Now with avid coffee drinking comes one little problem: your teeth.

I’ve been using a Sonic Electronic Toothbrush for years, and I was pretty set on the fact that all electronic toothbrushes were created equal – until I tried the CariPRO. I kid you not, my teeth have never felt cleaner or looked whiter. That’s the thing I love most about it • all of the different settings. The rhythm, speed and pressure of the brush changes in accordance to what you’re going for – whether that’s to whiten, clean your gums, massage your gums (yep, you heard me), get a deep cleaning for your teeth.. there’s even a setting for sensitive teeth. Each mode lasts for 2 minutes, and every 30 seconds it reminds you with a brief pause that it’s time to switch to a different quadrant of your mouth. It’s kind of like this, but for teeth! ;)

Smile Brilliant CariPRO Electronic Toothbrush in Bathroom Setting - The Calm Collective

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Now, go drink your coffee in peace. x

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