The Most Uplifting Podcasts For Different Areas of Your Life

The Most Inspiring Podcasts For Different Areas Of Your Life - The Calm Collective
Hi guys! So by now, you’ve probably seen that The Calm Collective Podcast is live as of last week and out in the universe for anyone and everyone to listen to. CRAZY! I’m so proud and scared and humbled and just overjoyed by the opportunity to have this platform. I really hope to do it justice and to make it a place that you want to come back to time and time again. I have a lot of really lovely things planned. So I can’t wait to keep recording and nurturing this new found passion project. So stay tuned as episodes continue to roll in! (each episode is between 10 – 35 minutes long) You can stay in the loop and get the latest shows on your phone by subscribing over on iTunes :)

Speaking of which — have you jumped on the podcast wagon yet? I can’t get off, and have zero desire to. I’m going to just come right out and say it, but listening to podcasts has absolutely changed and impacted my life for the better. I’ve been listening on a somewhat regular basis now for I’d say about a year, and I’m so grateful for all of the variety that’s out there these days,  especially all of the motivational podcasts.  No matter what your life circumstance or where your interests lie, there’s something for you.

I also get so geeked out over the fact that I can be driving to the grocery store and bettering myself at the same time. Like, what? Think on that for a second. That’s awesome.  You all know I’m a personal growth junkie. I love anything thought provoking. While I may not take everything from what I listen to straight to heart, I love opening my mind to people living out their passions, speaking their truths, and especially when they get down and honest about real life situations and struggles that we all go through.

The Most Inspiring Podcasts For Different Areas Of Your Life - The Calm Collective

What I look for in an uplifting podcast 

Podcasts can be like hiring a personal trainer or going on a first date.  You just don’t know how you’ll vibe until they’ve opened their mouths and shared some thoughts with you. Once you get a reading on their energy, you know whether or not you’re invested, and podcasts are no different. I’ll admit, there are a couple of shows on here that have some overwhelming intros that I fast forward through each time.

I also have a hard time with long winded sponsorships, or those that pop up right in the middle — but instead of letting that be the reason that I don’t find the joy int eh actual message, I honor it as just a part of the business.  They’re trying to keep this podcast afloat, and that’s what they have to do. More power to them, but I’m just owning up to the fact that yes, I agree, they can be annoying.

A fulfilling, well rounded podcast to me feels like I’m either:

– Sitting down for coffee or a glass of wine with a girlfriend — but it’s that one special girlfriend who wouldn’t judge you with a ten foot pole. The one who tells you like it is, but loves you fiercely through it.  I never want to feel like I’m being preached to, rather I just want to feel like I’m being loved on. You know?

– Like I just got a front row seat to a motivational speaker who is making me feel all the things, and like I could go run ten laps around my street because I have so much energy and excitement for life.

– Going to pee my pants from laughing so hard, and that any negative energy that was in my body just came out through all of my laughter.

I also really appreciate the balance of business and personal life.

When those two things intertwine, I feel like I’m able to reach the speaker on a more intimate level. You can really see how they got to the place that they are today.  The comparison game is such a strong and dangerous one. With things like Instagram and other forms of social media, we’re being faced with the temptation and the slippery slope of evaluating our lives next to complete strangers. With podcasts, we’re able to listen to their actual voice. Their emotions and discomforts and excitement is front and center for us to grab hold of and resonate with.  That’s invaluable, to be able to connect on a human level like that with a complete stranger, don’t you think?

So in honor of them, I thought I’d share some of my favorite podcasts as of late for any place you might be finding yourself in these days. I hope you give them a listen, and I hope they land well for you.

The Most Inspiring Podcasts For Different Areas Of Your Life - The Calm Collective

My List of The Most Uplifting Podcasts 


Bitch Sesh – If you’re going through a streak of bad days, or just need a really good laugh, look no further. Bitch Sesh is episode after episode of pure hilarity.  They talk a lot about the Real Housewives on BRAVO, and this is coming from someone (me) who doesn’t watch that show — I still laugh to an uncomfortable degree every single time.

Link: Bitch Sesh Podcast


Forever35  – This feels like you’re out to dinner with two of your favorite girlfriends who wouldn’t dare judge you and carry wit and charm to the tenth degree.  I love the candidness and the openness of what they’re willing to share. It just feels like you’re living out your day to day with your friends by your side.  You never know what they’re going to say next. Which is basically every single get together with me and my girlfriends.

Link: Forever35 Podcast


Earn Your Happy – This is probably my favorite weekly podcast right now.  Lori Harder is such an uplifting human being (who you can also find on Ted Talks) and she doesn’t even try. She’s just out there living her truth, and in turn, helping others find theirs — unapologetically.  Each episode I listen to, I walk away with either a new author I’m dying to check out, a new way of channeling a heavy emotion, and enough inspiration to build a house brick by brick.

Link: Earn Your Happy Podcast


Money for the Rest of Us – This podcast knocks down the taboo subject of money. It goes into the human behavior behind how we treat finances, and instead frames it in such a loving way . I love how it opens it up as a freeing conversation. All while giving an abundance of education around investments, how to properly handle your money, and to quit worrying about it. If you appreciate finance but also are down for some personal growth along the way, this one’s for you.

Link: Money For The Rest of Us Podcast


First & Foremost – Look no further than this woman. Listening to her podcast makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Her voice is so incredibly calming. When she tells you that you deserve some rest or some serious self love, you believe her.  She’s inspiring listeners all over to embrace a daily flow that feels good to their souls, and to make more room for nurturing your inner self.  She’s also my life and business coach, and I feel extremely lucky for that.

Link: First & Foremost Podcast


What the Eff – These two women are awesome, because during the podcast they find a radical self discovery. You get to go through the journey with them, and in turn, you feel so inspired to look inward and check in on yourself more frequently and ensure that you’re filling yourself up in all of the right ways.

Link: What the Eff Podcast

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