Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Amazon Prime Edition

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday.

This weather in Chicago has got me feeling insanely giddy – and you better believe the doors and windows have been open all week. Last night I was even fortunate enough to work out on the balcony while watching the sunset (with a cold glass of white wine in hand)  It was pretty perfect – and today is no different. Mid 60’s with pending thunderstorms (Midwest storms are my favorite favorite favorite!) with the perfect breeze.

I swear I won’t just keep talking about the weather. I want to talk about our mamas instead. Mother’s Day is coming up quick, and it’s honestly one of my favorite times of the year. With that being said, I do want to take a moment to recognize that not all of us have our mothers with us, or are able to celebrate alongside them. Whether that’s due to distance or a life being taken too soon – I want you to know that I’m with you and I’m sending you all the love and light there is. While I thankfully have my mother here with me in the flesh, I’m without my father, so I truly empathize with the heavy grief that comes along with these kinds of celebrations. If you ever want to talk, just send me an email or lets meet for coffee if you’re in Chicago.

Okay, so I wanted to put together a little gift guide, Amazon Prime style, because as someone who truly values the company – I shop here a lot.  And I don’t think many people know that you can get some great quality gifts from really lovely companies – and the 2 day shipping and amazing return/gift exchange policy doesn’t hurt, either. So, much like this one over here, I’ve created a gift guide for all the Mama Bears, which you can find below.


I’m going to be spending Mother’s Day (which also happens to fall on my mom’s birthday this year!) with her in Ireland, so I know this will be one for the archives.  We’ll be spending that day specifically in Dingle Bay (at this hotel), hopefully eating ice cream in which they sprinkle sea salt from the shore right onto the delicacy. Do not mind if I do. Be sure to follow along on Instagram as I’ll be posting images and stories throughout our trip! I’ll also be sharing a packing guide before we jet out, too.

Now, onto the gift guide!

Mother's Day Gift Guide With Amazon Prime - The Calm Collective


  1.  Hygge Candles. Not only is the branding so lovely, but their scents are refreshing – not overpowering.
  2. Copper Hammerhead Shark botte opener.  I’m having a really hard time not buying this for myself.
  3. Kindle Paperwhite. I’m so bummed I didn’t get mine sooner. This really is like the gift that keeps on giving, considering you can purchase books for your mama down the road.
  4. Family Table Topics. Have you guys heard of these?! They’re SO fun. We did the Family one over Christmas and it was such an awesome way to get to know the people you love even better – and be prepared to laugh. Some of the questions are pretty funny.  (I also have the Couples version that Chris and I have played while cooking dinner and drinking some vino)
  5. Echo Dot. A mini version of the Alexa. Basically one of the best inventions of all time. I raved about my Echo here.
  6. Steve Madden Layered Fringe Necklace.  Sweet and simple – can go with just about anything.
  7. Near & Far Cookbook.  Inspired by home & travel, the perfect cookbook with the most beautiful cover. Pretty enough to leave out in the kitchen.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another great gift idea for the mamas – hint, it has to do with my favorite way to wake up in the morning… #itmightbecoffeerelated


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