6 Kitchen Essentials That Make Life Easier

Six Kitchen Essentials That Will Make Your Life Easier - The Calm Collective

I don’t know what it is about my new place, but I’ve never been this much of a homebody before.  I love it so much (I’ve even cried walking in after being gone for about 2 weeks because it felt so comforting and so much like “home” – haha!) I’m finding myself more and more interested in cooking in, getting creative with recipes, and bringing said food and drink outside on to the balcony to take in the Chicago views and amazing weather we’re having right now.

My landlord was (is) insanely sweet and let me start moving things in early, even before my first month officially started, since he knew I was moving from another state.  So I immediately started researching the kitchen furnishings I’d want for the day I moved in. You know – dishes, glasses, paper towels, silverware, etc.  The basics!  As time went on and my research continued, I’ve come to find the 6 pieces that will absolutely follow me to wherever I live next (but here’s hoping I get to call this loft home for a WHILE :)

my 6 favorite kitchen staples

01. Copper Tea Kettle 

Okay, what in the WORLD. When I bought this kettle it was $82!!! $82! I know that’s a little crazy to spend on a copper tea kettle, but I loved it so much and had been eyeballing it for close to 8 months.  I didn’t like it, I loved it.  But now? It’s on sale for $50. HA. Crud.

Some others that I like with similar or lower price points:

02. Timer Coffee Pot

I’ve talked about this a couple of times on the blog, and that’s because I don’t know WHYYY I waited so long to get one of these. Now, I still use my cute little espresso maker on the weekends or when I just need a quick jolt of caffeine (I have this one and I use these pods and these simple mugs), but for days when I know I’m editing or shooting at home and will need copious amounts of caffeine? I love to have a large pot of coffee to work through. This machine that I have is amazing for a few different reasons – one of them being you can set how strong you want your coffee.  (I like mine STRONG) I also use these mugs which are super sturdy, and I love how simple they are (much like my espresso/tea mugs)

*I’m so bummed I didn’t come across this one in time considering my kitchen accent is gold/copper. Bummer! It’s so pretty!

Some other close contenders from when I was looking around for a programmable coffee pot: 

Also love these mugs and espresso glasses (in a huge ceramic phase right now):

03. Modern Knife Set

I’ve never really been one to like much on the counter (clutter free for the win), especially when it comes to knives, but when I came across this sleek modern knife set, my mind changed entirely. They’re so aesthetically pleasing, and not only that, for the price point they work brilliantly.  I love them so much. Now, while they can be put in the dishwasher, I generally recommend hand washing to avoid them tarnishing and getting a little rusty.  I generally hand wash, dry immediately and just put them away. It takes all of 5 seconds! Also, get a knife sharpener and I would say every few months, give them a little face lift.  Again, it takes about 5 minutes and you’re done (and you’ll notice such a difference)

Some other great options (that first one is amazing):

04. Ninja Blender

I am such a smoothie girl (here’s an awesome recipe), so having a blender that works well is key. I had the Magic Bullet for a really long time, but never loved the consistency (I did however love the to-go cups until I realized all I needed to do was get one to-go cup and pour my smoothie in it, soooo it’s actually not that appealing of a feature, haha) Plus I love to PACK my smoothies to the brim, and you can’t really do that with the Bullet since the cups are so small.

So, I did some research and ended up landing on this one and I LOVE it.  It’s extremely powerful, blends thoroughly (no weird consistency with the insane amounts of spinach that I put into my smoothies), super easy to clean, and the best part is that it’s not painfully loud.  I toyed with the idea of getting a Vitamix, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money since I knew I would really only use it for smoothies. Maybe one day, but just not realistic for me at this moment :)

05. Non-stick Pots and Pans

This makes me sound like such an old lady, but I can’t get over these pots and pans.  To be honest I never really gave much thought to buying nice pots and pans because I always felt like it got the job done good enough (though I’d always be so insanely frustrated with how much residue would remain even after the cleaning process commenced)  I finally decided to be a big girl ;) and went out on the hunt for a non-stick set, and I’m telling you what – it is SUCH a game changer. Food cooks differently, the clean up takes all of 2 seconds, and they hold up beautifully. I ended up going with this set that I mentioned above.

Here are some other great options as well:

06. Crock Pot 

I have to imagine (or at least I hope) that most of you are nodding in agreement and completely understand the reasoning behind this one making the cut for my favorite 6 kitchen items. The crock pot makes all the difference in having a busy schedule or for being able to make healthy meals without any excuses (I mean, you literally throw frozen veggies, a protein and some broth in there and poof — dinner)  I’ve flirted with a few different brands, and this one is my favorite. Since it’s usually just me (sometimes I’m cooking for 2), this size is perfect and it doesn’t take up too much storage.

Here are some other great (and pretty!) options as well:

Six Kitchen Essentials That Will Make Your Life Easier - The Calm Collective







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  1. Ashley La Fleur
    July 1, 2017 / 10:41 AM

    My mom gifted us these $6 salad scissors that she found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. At first, I thought I would never use them, but we use them ALL the time. It makes cutting up lettuce, zoodles and herbs SO easy!!

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