My All Natural Evening Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective

It’s no surprise to any of you who have been following along with this blog for quite some time that I am a huge advocate for not only taking care of your skin, but for doing it as naturally as possible.  None of us are perfect (definitely me included – especially with my makeup) and if you opened my bathroom vanity you’d see that that’s a fact.  About 30% of my products aren’t approved by my favorite little app, EWG.  And that’s okay!  The point is to do the best you can, eliminate toxic products where and when you can, and to continue to educate yourself.

Which leads me to my next point – my updated nighttime skin care routine. First of all let me tell you guys that this isn’t a sponsored post in the slightest. I’m not being paid to write about Damn Good Face Wash, I honestly just love it enough to want to share the goods with all of you.  I recently did a product shoot for this sweet little company based out of Cape May which features all of their products on Etsy, (so it couldn’t be easier to order and track your package) and upon wrapping the shoot, I started trying the products one by one and completely fell in love.

Okay, so lets dive in to what I’m using and why I’m geeking out over it. Ready?

Skin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective


This face wash in one word? Heaven. I’m not even joking. I absolutely look forward to every single evening when I get to use this coconut oil based face wash to take my make up off.  The smell is a mixture between coconut and honey (sign me up) and has a light exfoliation to it (clay) – light enough that you can absolutely use it every night.  Every evening I’ll massage this wash onto my face and neck for about 90 seconds – I treat it like a mini facial, taking in the scents.  Then I’ll rinse my face with warm water, and wipe the rest off the remaining oil with a washcloth.  Keep in mind that you will have some coconut residue even after rinsing with water, so a light rub with the towel will do.

PS: how cute is this travel size?


  • Organic extra-virgin coconut oil (anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to keep your connective tissue strong and supple)
  • Raw honey (loaded with anti-oxidants, moisturizes and cleanses, has an amazing ability to brighten your complexion, even out your skin tone, and lighten scars and age spots)
  • Raw shea butter (anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, repairs wrinkles and fine lines, strengthens and regenerates skin)
  • Baking soda (can correct skin’s pH balance and is a mild abrasive to remove dead skin cells)
  • Bentonite clay (healing clay that absorbs impurities and toxins, contains tons of minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium)
  • Tea tree oil (helps ward off acne-causing bacteria, helps to regulate oil production which can decrease the severity and incidence of breakouts)

Skin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective


This toner is the absolute best way to have that squeaky clean-skin feeling at the end of a long day.  I’m a HUGE advocate for implementing ACV shots into your life (both morning and evening) and try to remember to do this every single day, so to have a skin care product that includes this as one of it’s main ingredients got me all kinds of excited. The smell on your skin isn’t the best thing in the world, but the step that follows helps to eliminate the ACV smell entirely, so don’t worry ;)  Immediately after washing my face with the Damn Good Face Wash, I’ll apply this toner to a cotton pad and rub my entire face, neck and chest.


  • Organic rose water (anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, clears pores and lightens dark circles, mild astringent, and mood enhancer…seriously)
  • Organic calendula infusion (anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, stimulates production of collagen, soothes damaged skin)
  • Organic chamomile infusion (anti-inflammatory, reported to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by accelerating the healing process of the skin)
  • Raw apple cider vinegar (helps regulate pH, restores acid mantle, kills bacteria, and removes excess dirt, oil, and makeup)
  • Witch hazel (anti-inflammatory and clears away excess sebum without drying skin)
  • Non-GMO vegetable glycerin (helps retain moisture, softens, lubricates, and pulls oxygen into the skin)

Skin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm CollectiveSkin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective

^ The Works | this is the set that I have and love. It’s amazing because you can mix and match which toner, oil and clay that you want. I chose this toner, oil and clay as you’ll see below. ^

Skin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective


Also a part of The Works set, this oil is truly my favorite step.  I’m a hardcore believer in lavender and it’s ability to calm, soothe and relax – so when I apply this to my skin, neck and chest right before bed? All that’s missing is my Sleepytime tea and I’m sound asleep within minutes.  I know some of you may be thinking: “But I have oily skin, I have breakouts! There’s no way I’d just slather excess oil on to it.” I promise you, this will not hurt you! In fact, it will probably save you – especially if you’re prone to acne. I’ve seen major results to my skin tone and breakout patterns since using this each evening. Paired with the commitment to sleeping on my back instead of my side/stomach (it’s tough but if I can do it, so can you!) my breakouts have become VERY few and far between unless we’re approaching a fun time of the month. ;)


  • Organic argan oil (anti-oxidant, hydrates and softens, promotes healing of damaged skin, gives skin a youthful glow, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, restores elasticity. You guys know my love for argan oil)
  • Jojoba oil (anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores, balances oil production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, reduces pore size with extended use)
  • Avocado oil (anti-inflammatory, deeply hydrates and refines the skin, calms redness, plumps fine lines, balances oil production, and keeps pores clearer)
  • Vitamin E oil (strong anti-oxidant, blocks free radical damage, and helps to decrease facial lines and wrinkle depth by boosting collagen production)
  • Carrot seed essential oil (nourishes, tightens, and rejuvenates skin, repairs free radical damage, assists with cell regeneration, is a powerhouse when it comes to anti-aging)
  • Tea tree essential oil (one of the more well-known essential oils for acne-prone skin, antibacterial properties help ward off acne-causing bacteria, helps to regulate oil production which can decrease the severity and incidence of breakouts)
  • Lavender essential oil (soothes skin and relaxes the mind, helps to prevent tissue degeneration to keep skin firm and prevent wrinkles, encourages the growth of new skin cells, and is pretty much anti-everything-bad)
  • Lemon essential oil (natural astringent and antibacterial, beneficial to those with oily and acne-prone complexions, helps tone the skin and reduce the appearance of pores)

Skin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective


This step isn’t an every evening type thing, rather 2-3 times a week (usually on Sunday night and Wednesday nights – you know.. the end of the week, the hump of the week just to give my skin a little extra love) This clay is super easy to formulate just by adding equal parts water and ACV (which you should already have in your fridge ;)  I also love this as a spot healing treatment for those monthly pesky breakouts we talked about earlier. It also comes with a cute wooden spoon for easy mixing.  Another fun thing? You can add this to your bath water to rid your body of toxins that are living on top of your skin. Pretty awesome.


  • Bentonite Clay (healing clay that absorbs impurities and toxins, contains minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, regenerates skin tissue, unclogs and shrinks pores, clears up breakouts and prevents new ones, evens out skin tone and leaves you glowing)

Skin Care Regimen with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective

So there you have it! My updated nightly skin care routine – 100% natural and SAFE.  Not only have I loved minimizing my skin care products and shortening the steps, but I love supporting small businesses created by amazing people (Kate is the sweetest) and knowing I can trust the products and ingredients that I’m putting into my body.

Also: some of you may be wondering – “but what about your Retin-A or eye cream?! Aren’t we supposed to be using serums and anti-wrinkle cream and (fill in the blank here)!?!”  Sure, you can! But if you read through the ingredients listed in the products above, they all take care of that in a HEALTHY way. I don’t need to spend $100+ on a serum, because I’m getting what I need to fix the problem or prevent further damage by what’s inside my skin care line.  I also don’t need eye cream, because I’ve got a face oil that’s jammed with Vitamin E.


Kate, the founder and creator of Damn Good Face Wash, is offering all of you 20% off when you order today through March 24th! Just use the code DAMNGOODANDCALM at checkout.

As always, if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask! You can either leave a comment or email me directly at hello(at)thecalmcollective(dot)com.  x



  1. March 27, 2017 / 6:48 PM

    These products sound AMAZING – I’m such an all natural skincare snob, and these products sound right up my alley :)

    Hope you’re doing well! Let’s grab a drink soon! xx

  2. Cassandra
    March 28, 2017 / 4:03 PM

    They really are. I’m absolutely obsessed!

  3. January 1, 2018 / 5:07 AM

    A lesser aestheticism may not have the training necessary to keep proper hygiene practices, use the chemicals properly, or know what is appropriate for your skin type. The primary skills they gain through their education are an in-depth knowledge of the products they use and the proper techniques for selling those products. Try a medical spa if you want great quality results from your skin care treatment.

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