My Favorite Books on Spirituality (Thus Far)

Books on Spirituality - The Calm Collective

Hey loves. I hope this finds all of you doing well. We’re currently traveling for the week, and while it’s a little bittersweet to be traveling during a time when the water is SO blue in northern Michigan, it’s for good reason. We spent a handful of days with two really good friends of ours before all venturing to the same wedding in Montana. (I’ve been posting like crazy over on my IG stories — see: travel highlights)

For those of you who follow along on Instagram or read this blog on the regular, you know that I’ve been on a spiritual journey for quite some time now. It’s honestly been the most profound time of my life, and I’m so grateful for it all. It’s been A LOT of work, and as Alex Elle says,:

“the heart work is the hardest work”

She wasn’t lying — that is the truth.  Majority of the reason that I’ve been able to reach such a deep understanding of myself and my purpose is through reading and researching.  I’ve learned that when you feel that your soul is naturally migrating towards a certain subject (for me that’s soul work and internal healing), you should follow it. That’s coming to you for a reason. When a rabbit hole occurs, that’s your soul’s way of telling you you’re on the right track – that there’s something in this for you.

Also, I completely understand that this subject may not be for all of you. I get that, honor that, but at the same time, I want to ensure that I’m always being completely transparent with you guys as to what’s going on in my life, and most importantly, the things that are impacting my life in a positive way. So with all of that being said, I wanted to share some of the most impactful books I’ve dove into lately.

Here’s my list of highly recommended soul reads:

Books on Spirituality - The Calm Collective

Earth is Hiring.

I’ve talked about this book SO many times I feel like I could almost recite the pages at this point. I’m halfway through reading it for the second time, and the coolest part is that I feel like I find new information that I previously missed.  This book is what started the transformation – and I love how organic it was.  I’ve told the story before, but I was literally sitting on my sister’s couch, reading the chapter on alignment when something inside of me shifted. I had never had a feeling like that before. The rest is history.

A few things to note about this book: it taught me what it means to live in alignment, and how to discover and abide by my own. Since then, life has been 100 times easier (you can learn all about my alignment and how I set mine up by reading my e-book that was launched last week). It also helped me to create a new money story (aka to stop treating money like the enemy and instead look at her purely as an energy that comes and goes), and to discover my values and apply them to every day life (being more green throughout my days, supporting sustainable companies, eating good, healthy food, etc.

Awaken the Spirit Within.

The purchase behind this book has a unique story behind it. I was early for a yoga class and felt pulled to walk into a bookstore called Higher Self(which is now where I get all of my reiki done), and when I did, I immediately was drawn to this book and just grabbed it, looked at it for a few seconds and handed it to the cashier and told him I’d be buying it (I also felt super compelled to do a quick “reboot reiki session). I’ve honestly never had that kind of a pull towards a purchase before. It was like an out of body experience where my limb was literally reaching out for the book and the words just started flowing “I’m going to buy this, can you hold this for me?” Beyond strange, but after reading it within one weeks time, I now see why.

A few things to note about this book: It’s powerful, so it’s important that you’re ready to retain the kind of information that she’s offering. If you’re not open, it’s honestly going to be a waste of your time to read it. If you are open, your life has the ability to open to a degree you may not have ever thought possible. Rebecca Rosen, the amazing author, shares her vulnerable experience with being a medium and accessing spirit on a daily basis, and how we are all capable of doing the same. I’m living proof. Since reading her book, l’ve been able to go into deep meditations (never was able to crack the code prior), see my spirit guides to the point where I could make out their descriptions, and started soul journaling (what I refer to as “free journaling) with reckless abandon – as if the pen is taking over and I’m just the messenger.  I credit this book and Earth is Hiring for being the key that unlocked a dead bolted door.

PS: Rebecca Rosen who has been on Oprah, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, etc. is going to be on the podcast later this month! I’m beyond excited to interview her myself, and to share her with all of you. So stay tuned for that.

Books on Spirituality - The Calm Collective

Meet Your Soul. 

Such a lovely, peaceful read. Elise Romeo writes in a way where we can all relate — nothing feels too out there to grasp, and that’s the point. She comes from a relatable place, of wanting us all to be able to access the very thing she’s living with — her Soul.  Because of this book, I’ve been able to do a meditation practice that introduced me to mine, to the point where I was able to discover her name (Emma), her aura (marigold), and her symbol (sunflower). It was a total out of body experience, as all of this has been.  I’m not all the way done with the book yet (about 3/4 of the way there) but I can’t recommend it enough. She also gives really valuable journal prompts throughout the book, too, which I love.

Anatomy of the Spirit:

This book is taking me longer to get through because it’s POWERFUL. I’m finding that I can read it for short spurts, but then my brain literally needs a break. Not in a bad way, it’s just very informative (all important information to take in). I highly recommend this book if you’re someone who’s trying to get more in tune with your insides (raising my hand here), know that you have something special going on, and crave that special relationship with your Soul.

Chakra Healing:

Not only is the book beautiful and visually stimulating, it’s SO easy to understand. I’ve been doing reiki 1-2 times a month since February, and it’s been one of the most important things that I’ve done throughout this journey. It’s completely adjusted my balance and the way I trust myself, which has always been one of my biggest blocks. (I’m going to be doing a post on some of my past reiki sessions for those of you who are unfamiliar or unsure of how it works, AND we’re going to have Nicole Pascavis back on the podcast to talk about the ins and outs)

A few things to note about this book: This book is designed as a guide to help you understand the chakras and how they work both as what they are, but with your mind/body/spirit, and to give you the tools to access them yourself. I find great interest in this because reiki has been the most therapeutic thing I’ve done for my day to day struggles as a creative/entrepreneur who’s also on a new spiritual path. I can’t even imagine going to a therapist for this kind of work and getting the results I get within 45 minutes with my reiki master. Plus, it’s all energy. I love that they hardly even speak to me, and when I leave, I’m so incredibly clear because all of my puzzle pieces have been pushed together purely by meditating and channeling the energies within my body. Sounds nuts, right? It’s not. This shit is real. (if you don’t mind me being so blunt) The beauty of this book is that I’m now able to access my chakras and do my own healing work on the go. So if I find myself in a situation that makes me feel stuck, I don’t have to rely on my reiki master to fix it. In a pinch, I can do the work myself.  It’s super straight forward and compact enough to be able to fit in your purse should you need to bring it with you on the go (I do!)

So there you have it. The 5 soul reads I’ve devoured thus far, and have found to be so incredibly impactful. These are the books I keep near my bedside and on my nightstand simply because looking at them brings me back to the message each of them had. They fill me up in such a way, and keep me on track and staying in my own lane — owning this journey that I’m on and finding gratitude and pride in it, rather than shying away and feeling repelled. When you open your mind and your heart to Soul work, holy hell, guys. You can’t be stopped.

You’re living as your authentic self, and once you taste that sweet life — there’s no way you’ll ever want to go back.

If you yourself are on this path or have done the work and have books you’d recommend, PLEASE don’t be shy and take just a few minutes to share them either here in the comments or over in the private Facebook group so that we can all benefit from other great, impactful reads. xx

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