My November Intentions

A photo from my recent trip to Florida. These sunsets never get old.

It’s been a bit since I blogged, but I needed the break. I talked about it a bit on Instagram and on the blog — no shame attached to it, it just wasn’t where my energy was being directed. I wanted to just… be. And that’s life. You flow and you surrender to the things that feel good and surrender to the things that don’t.

And so it is.

I hope that lands for any of you who might need that message. That wherever you are, that’s okay. That’s perfect, actually.

That’s you.

And while I might not be coming to you today with any grand announcements or life updates (it’s been pretty quiet and that’s how I like it), I free-wrote some intentions for this month late last night while my eyes were half closed due to my adrenal fatigue kicking my ass (more on that later).

Here’s what I wrote:

My November Intentions 

Minimal Alcohol

Now I love my wine. I love the taste, I appreciate how it’s made, and I value who I’m sharing it with when I have company. BUT, I also know that I can get into a routine where it becomes habit forming.

Feeling a bit of stress? I’ll just pour a glass of wine. Had a long day? I’ll pour a glass of wine. About to start a new show on TV with some candles? I’ll pour a glass of wine. This isn’t “bad” per se — as I really don’t like to label things ‘good’ nor ‘bad — rather, I’m just aware of the patterns and that they aren’t always serving me. It all comes back to my favorite mindful method: “does it make you expand or contract?” (again, more on that later)

Little to no meat or dairy

I just watched Forks over Knives and it blew me away. I was a vegan for 5 years, so there’s no having to twist my arm about the lifestyle and how beneficial and lovely it is. My only resistance towards it is that there is SO. MUCH. JUDGEMENT from other people. But being in a place in my life where my yoga and meditation training has led me to realize that people’s projections and judgements are purely fear based (aka: it’s theirs, not yours), allows me to feel centered and grounded in every single decision that I make. This film stayed with me for a while, and I’ve been journaling on it, meditating on it, and while I’m not necessarily committing 100%, it just feels good to welcome back in a majority based whole foods/plant diet.

Honor my work boundaries and stick to them

For any of my entrepreneurs, you know full well the catch-22 that comes along with running your own business. So much freedom, yes, but also so much “I can keep going” and “just one more thing and then I’ll close the computer”. It’s real, and for me, I’m always trying to save, save, save my money. For my future kids, for my future home, for my future x, y and z. So when work inquiries come in, I have a REALLY hard time saying no. Even if I’m exhausted.

That’s what I’m trying to lean into these days. To trust that abundance will continue to come, even if I say no to that one gig. To trust that I can flow with the life that feels good to me (read: wake up early, make my coffee and bring it back to bed, meditate and journal, read until the clock hits 9(ish), and then go on about my day). I don’t need to feel guilty or less than for turning down an 8am shoot if that truly doesn’t serve me, or if it interrupts what’s most important: my well being and mental state.

Kundalini, stop putting it off

You guys. The Ego is a forced to be reckoned with. I don’t need to tell you that, but I’m writing it down anyway. It likes to fight me on things that are good for me (as it usually does), but especially when it comes to my spirituality or deepening the connection to myself. Why is it that when I want to go spend $25 on my favorite Kundalini class that rocks me to my core and sets me straight for weeks on end, I’ll say “no I can’t do that”, but then I’ll go and buy a sweater from H&M for $40 that holds no value?

Two words. Fucking Ego.

She’s a beast. But, she’s my forever roommate, so all I can do is surrender and learn to look her in the eye and say, “Not today, sugar. Today we go to yoga.”

Finish and launch my Declutter Course

This is kind of a weird thing to write down here since I haven’t talked about it much at all, but I’m really jazzed to be putting this out into the Universe for anyone who it might serve. It’s basically an in-depth extension of the Free 7 Day Declutter Challenge where I focus on helping you rid yourself of unwelcome patterns and hoarding habits, getting to the root of why these patterns exist in the first place (and how to shed and re-program them), sharing my own personal struggles, and how I personally overcame the clutter mentality and now live a life that’s not controlled by things. Let me tell you, it’s freaking lovely here.

If you want to sign up for the Free 7 Day Declutter Challenge, you can do so here! I’m hoping to launch by December 1st, if not sooner, and anyone who does the free challenge will get a discount code for the course.

Mediate every day and brain dump with journaling

Meditation is also something that I pretend like “I don’t have enough time for” if I’m feeling fearful of what might come up — which is almost always. I think that happens to just about everyone, but I suspect that when you’ve lived through some trauma that isn’t all the way up to the surface yet, it’s even worse. I’ll pretend like I don’t have the energy or the time to write about what’s come up, to dig into it all, to go out into the world with that — when the opposite is true. I’m carrying it with even more weight when I don’t allow it to flow freely. To be heard. To be released.

Make a gratitude list, daily

Such simple act that costs nothing, takes 3 minutes (if not, less), and completely changes your perspective. It’s so easy to do that it’s almost comical that we don’t do more of it. But, human-ism, am I right?

Read: The Short List posts

So there it is. My intentions for the month of November — a month I’m pretty fond of. It’s the month my sister was born, the month of Thanksgiving, a month to rest and harvest and reflect on good fortune and honor any pain that comes up. To give ourselves room to heal and not feel so pressured to “keep up” — though you all know I don’t believe in that concept, anyway.

November. Let’s go inward.

PS: here are just a few things that I’m loving/have made my life just a little bit easier as of late. You know I love to share the wealth with all of you:



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