Sharing My Personal Alignment (and how you can discover your own)

Writing and Journaling My Own Personal Alignment - The Calm Collective

I started reading a book that I purchased for myself purely based on the fact that I had heard the author, Peta Kelly, on a podcast and really liked her vibe (okay and her Australian accent). As I read myself into oblivion each morning and each evening, something inside of me started to shift. I felt calmer, more in tune with my insides – like I could hear Her (what I refer to my insides as) clear as day – telling me that I was exactly where I needed to be in that moment, reading this book. I can tell you with 100% certainty, I had never had this kind of crystal clear communication before.

I began discovering my alignment while reading page after page, and started to list out the things that make me feel good sans any and all judgement. Once I had that figured out, I began writing down the things that took me out of this place of alignment. 

For the next two weeks, I would read these things to myself every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. I would make tweaks where necessary by writing down what was working and what wasn’t. After each adjustment, I would ask myself “why” to ensure I was getting to the root of the issue, or to the root of the goodness.  It was by finding my alignment that I was finding myself. I was getting to the core of my authenticity. It honestly felt like I was meeting myself for the first time.

So I thought I’d take today to share my personal alignment with all of you. It just flowed out of me onto paper one morning, so authentic and true and vulnerable — and it’s something that I read every day, sometimes multiple times a day, as a way to stay centered and grounded. The best part is that once you start to listen to your insides, you’ll notice how in sync your decisions are with what you’ve written down to the point where your life just becomes, dare I say, easy to navigate. (I’m living proof this is possible).

My Personal Alignment

Writing and Journaling My Own Personal Alignment - The Calm Collective


Having time to reflect with my morning coffee, be with my thoughts, read, journal, be still – sans interruptions. This allows me to be clear, balanced, level headed. In order for me to make this happen, I may need to wake up earlier, communicate my needs, and skip out on certain opportunities. 


Making space to do the workouts that feel good to me in that moment. Dedicating time to honoring my body, what she needs, when she needs it. Listening to her first and foremost. Filling her up with good food, keeping her hydrated and recognizing when  I’m making decisions out of boredom or discomfort. Feeling  strong about sticking to these choices, especially when in social situations.  Honoring and feeling confident in my choices, letting them come straight from my soul. Knowing that my yes’ mean yes, and my no’s mean no.


Nourishing and honoring those who fill up my cup and keep my vibrations at an all time high. Making sure they feel loved and cared for, listened to and respected. Expressing my needs and  desires to keep the relationship honest and long lasting. Making room to be there for them in all ways. 


Speaking as myself, for myself and in turn – for others who feel unable to use their voice. Honoring how I speak, how I write, and putting that out into the Universe with no room or desire for comparison. Protecting my story, vision, approach and message from being intertwined with  anyone else’s. Using my voice for good – to express gratitude, and to use it to help others in any way that I can.


Honoring all the ways money has shown up for me, and continues to circulate through me while I’m able to do my passion work. Trusting that my relationship with money is open, loving and solid – always showing gratitude when she comes in, and love for her when she goes out. Making sure to give where I can, and prioritize my health and happiness. Feeling zero shame and guilt around this desire.


Giving myself 8 hours of sleep, and waking up when my body is ready without an alarm or interruption. Enjoying my coffee from bed while free journaling before all else. Taking 30 minutes or more to read, and soaking in an epsom salt bath for relaxation. Tuning into work when I feel centered and grounded in my alignment, creating with ease and flow. 

Taking the time to enjoy each sip of my favorite evening tea,  diffusing lavender oil and savoring my skin care routine. 


If I could give you or any of my family and friends one piece of advice, it would be to hands down, without a doubt, take the time out of your day to discover your alignment. When I finally did this for myself, I realized just how far off I was when it came to living a life that was based on intention and real value. So many of my decisions were designed around what I thought I “should” be doing, or what other people would think and people pleasing my way through my days. I promise you when I say that it’s been MONTHS since I’ve done something that feels out of my alignment, and it has changed everything. 

The best part of all of this is that right now, in this moment,  you can also change your life and attain TRUE, unwavering  happiness — because you’ll no longer be depending on anyone else but yourself for validation and internal comfort. You just have to believe that you’re worthy of it. (spoiler alert: YOU ARE)

Writing and Journaling My Own Personal Alignment - The Calm Collective

Here’s how to discover your own alignment: 

• Take out a piece of paper or open your journal.  You can of course do this in a Google Doc or in your notes  section of your phone if that’s easier/more realistic for you.  

• Now, mark the date (always fun to see how far you’ve come)  and write MY ALIGNMENT at the top. 

• From there, list out any and all of the people, places &/or things that make you feel GOOD.

• Do the same for the things that make you feel BAD. This could mean traveling, running, spending time with a certain person, etc.

• Review your GOOD and BAD list, and from there, create a sentence or two centered around the following subjects  and create a statement centered around your values and what your ideal scenario looks like (like I did above): 

  • Health & wellness
  • Your daily routines
  • The company you keep
  • Your finances
  • Your passions
  • Your free time

And of course anything else that comes to mind. This is simply to get you started. 

• Check in with your list every day (in the morning is best), and make any adjustments you see fit as you apply your alignment to your daily life. You may find that something isn’t sitting well that you wrote down – scratch it off. Maybe you came up with something else that feels more in alignment to you – add it to the list. 

Be unapologetic about what this list looks like for you, and don’t commit to it too hard. Make room for change. Right now you might love waking at up 6am to journal, but in 6 months that could stop feeling like it’s in alignment for you. Honor that, hold space for the change, and simply re-write your list as you evolve and make internal shifts. We’re all human, sister. Being transparent with yourself and unapologetic about what makes you feel good is key. 

I literally can’t WAIT to hear what you guys come up with, and would be SO excited to hear what you included in yours. I’d love to create a (first name basis only / anonymous, whichever you prefer) blog post sharing some reader’s lists to help motivate and inspire the rest of the community who make feel stuck, or isn’t quite sure where to begin. To share, simply email me your list at or share over in a DM on Instagram. x

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