Eight Week No Shop Challenge: ROUND TWO

Eight Week No Shop Challenge List - The Calm Collective

Hey guys – happy Wednesday! If I’m being honest this is a weird week for me. I’m feeling more lethargic than usual, no doubt due to a jam filled week and weekend (which was amazing! But just calling for some refresh). It’s also inspired me to clear out any and all clutter that I’ve been holding on to (which isn’t a lot, but there are still some things..) which in turn I think is holding me back into leaping into writing and a side project I’ve been working on. My plan on how to make this happen seamlessly is broken down into a few different things:

  • Decluttering my closet a bit further and ridding of duplicates. There’s no need for me to have 3 different shampoo bottles, 12 razors, and a drawer where I throw random things inside that don’t have a proper “home”
  • Keeping high quality items that are sustainable and made well
  • Another “no-shop challenge”. Last year when I did this it was for 6 weeks, and it ended right around my birthday. This time is similar, but I’m going to go for 8 weeks (technically I started on Monday), and end right before my birthday).

My spending and impulsive behavior has been under control for over a year now, dare I even say it’s been healed with all the work I’ve been doing and I don’t think of shopping much at all anymore, but what I’ve learned is that by continuing to do these kinds of challenges, I’m allowing myself to continue the practice of mindfulness – and that’s what it’s all about. The moment we think we’ve learned all we need to know, we stop growing.  

So what is it that I want to learn this time around?

I want to learn to take more pause; in all areas of my life. Yes in my purchases, but also when it comes to responding in conversations – listening more, talking less.  Also when it comes to listening to my body. Taking pause and listening to what she needs, what she wants, what feels good, what doesn’t.

Pause.  Such a simple word with endless opportunity behind it.

So, consider this a public announcement that my 8 week No Shop Challenge started on Monday, and will end on Monday September 3rd. If you want to join me, I would love it, but I also know that this isn’t for everyone :) Here are the details in case you want in:

8 Week No Shop Challenge

Eight Week No Shop Challenge List - The Calm Collective

My why:

To spend more mindfully, to declutter as much as possible, to use up what I have,  and to live a life with less.


  • starting Monday, July 9th – Monday, September 3rd (3 months)
  • declutter every single room each month for as long as I need
  • keep track in my journal what I’m getting the most use out of, donate the rest at the end of the 8 weeks
  • no purchases for anything on the banned list
  • no buying duplicates or things in bulk (I almost always end up wasting product this way)
  • unsubscribe to all shops on my email list (I no longer follow fashion bloggers other than a couple who are close friends)

Eight Week No Shop Challenge Rules - The Calm Collective

Approved Shopping List:

  • travel to be with family and friends
  • groceries
  • toiletries (only when I’ve run out)
  • mending or replacing items when/if it gets ruined
  • living & business expenses
  • dinners & drinks with friends (once a week)
  • health (fitness/insurance/doctors visits)
  • music (spotify)
  • one coffee or tea when I work out of coffee shops (a few times a week)
  • gifts for family and friends (birthdays & whatnot)


  • clothes & accessories
  • books (start getting them from the library/borrow from friends/finish all of the books on my shelves)
  • apps on my phone
  • beauty products (unless I’ve run out and I’m replacing)
  • nails & eyebrows (definitely capable of doing both myself)
  • home decor
  • bulk items (to cut down on waste)

So there you have it. The skinny behind the 8 week No Shop Challenge.  It’s just a surefire way that I’ve found to continue this practice, strengthen it, and always be reminded of what’s important in life.  

Spoiler alert: it’s never been about the things.

PS: Last year’s no shop challenge & How to let go of what isn’t meant for you.

Mindful Memos To Do List by The Calm Collective

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