Challenging Myself For Six Weeks | Care To Join Me?

Creating the perfect wardrobe and knowing what works, and what doesn't for your body and lifestyle - Cassandra Photo

Images are from a shoot I did with Trunk Club

The other day, I had a total “ah-ha” moment.  I’ve had a few of these in my days, but this one almost had me pulling over so I could be sure to take note of this lightbulb that went off in my head.  Instead, I sung a little praise to the “talk to text” feature on the iPhone, and sent myself a text message that said this:

“Maybe my issues with clothes is that I don’t like how I look in most of them. So why am I spending money on trendy items? Why don’t I instead focus on things that make me feel really good all the time – my regular “go-tos” and statement earrings.

So I didn’t come up with this reality check on my own. No, no. It was in major thanks to my recent addiction to the One Part Podcast (obsessed with it and the woman who runs it) She had Grace Bonney from Design Sponge on the show and she got to talking about using safer beauty products, as well as her personal style.  She was talking about how she was about to go on tour for her book signing, and she had no idea what she was going to wear, because she really never spends anytime dressing herself.  She proceeded to say that she just doesn’t really care about clothes all that much.  She’s happiest in her ripped jeans and Birkenstocks, but if she wants to feel her best, she’ll spend money on statement earrings.


I feel the exact same way. So why don’t I live like that? Why do I buy clothes for the sake of the trend, even when I know that style doesn’t usually fit my body type? I appreciate good quality (and a friendly price tag of course), but I’ve reached this point of being so frustrated with the time and energy (and money) I spend on clothes, only to end up returning them – or only liking them “just okay” rather than LOVING them and reaching for them every other time I get dressed.

Creating the perfect wardrobe and knowing what works, and what doesn't for your body and lifestyle - Cassandra Photo

Because the reality is, when I look in my closet I generally grab for the same few things:


  • Long black cap sleeve maxi with stretch and a slit on the side. This was LITERALLY $5 from H&M an it’s lasted me forever. I usually wear these with my JCrew leopard flats or favorite Steve Madden sandals (that I wear so much I’ve had to super glue the soles back on twice, haha)
  • Shift dress from Cloth & Stone with pockets and a built in choker. It’s like a dusty navy blue color, and is incredibly soft. I wear this with sandals in the summer, boots in the fall and a jacket.
  • Seersucker romper with a little cut out in the front, tied with a bow. I wear it with white sneakers or sandals.
  • Jean shorts with a bodysuit and a light sweater cardigan over it, or a Cloth & Stone light weight button down and sandals.
  • Floral sundress with a semi-open back with sandals. It’s navy with a little bit of green and yellowish/gold.


  • Jeans, a bodysuit and a sweater cardigan and some booties
  • Leather leggings, longer sweater, booties
  • Jeans and a crop sweatshirt with sneakers or boots
  • Jeans and any sweater or shirt that has a built in choker (my favorite look for myself), with boots
  • Shift dress with boots and a jacket


  • I basically live in the same rotation of bulky sweaters and pair it with either leggings or jeans and boots/booties, a long wool coat thrown on top when I’m out and about.


  • Pretty much the exact same wardrobe as summer, I just throw a jacket on top of anything I’m wearing and maybe wear booties instead of sandals
  • White v-neck tee and jeans with mules


Aside from my aforementioned “ah-ha” moment, I’ve decided that I’m going to give myself a little challenge.  Starting today (July 18th) through my birthday (Sept 5th) I’m not going to buy one single piece of clothing that isn’t necessary. I’ve made a little graphic below in case you’d like to do the same!  My goal is to get into the habit of being 100% mindful when it comes to shopping. I’ve always gone in and out of waves – some days doing wonderfully, other days buying what my friend’s fashion blog tells me I should buy for the sake of it.

This challenge is the perfect way to a) see how much money I can save (and how much I’m actually spending on mindless shopping) and b) what I’m actually wearing and what I can absolutely live without.  They say it takes 3 weeks (21 days) to form a habit. Instead of stopping there, I think it’s crucial to go the extra mile.   In case you want to do this challenge alongside me, feel free to PIN this graphic below to remind yourself of the guidelines and to keep yourself on track.  I’m happy to offer up a love-nudge too, if you feel tempted to shop! Lets create a really beautiful, minimalist habit together, shall we? xxa

Creating the perfect wardrobe and knowing what works, and what doesn't for your body and lifestyle - Cassandra Photo





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