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Intentions for the Month of October Showcasing Eucalyptus and a Candle

My favorite candleLinen cloth napkins

Hey there, perfect human.

I say that with all serious you know. Being perfect isn’t about looking a certain way, having the right things, never saying the wrong thing, etc. You’re a perfect human simply because you’re here – you’re doing the work, you’re showing up, you’re reading this blog that centers around mindful conscious living, and in this moment – wherever you might be in your head, your heart, your body.. you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way ;) remember when I posted this a couple of months ago? It was actually the last post before I dropped off for a bit to heal myself which I talked about yesterday. I wanted to structure something for myself where at the beginning of each month, I sent a handful of intentions (not goals! they’re different) to be mindful of as I flow through the 30/31 days.  There are no real expectations here, no strikethroughs required for the things that I decide to list, just some loving intent and positive thought to keep in the forefront of my mind of things that I’d like to carry with me through the month, maybe a few things I’d like to try.

For those of you who are avid goal setters, definitely read this post and see how it lands for you. If you feel similar as I do to the subject, I highly encourage you to try intention setting instead.  Even just exchanging the word “goal” for “intention” has so much more ease and relaxation to it. It frees you and releases you of unnecessary pressure to “get things done” under a deadline.

That’s not what we’re here for, my friends.

We’re not here to “work harder” or “do more” • no, no, no. We’re here to show up as our authentic selves, to do what feels goods, to work smarter, not harder. It goes against how we’ve been raised as a society, but I challenge you to try and shift that mentality a bit. Give it a try this month, maybe next. How does setting intentions land for you?

Monthly Intentions Graphic

Take in fresh air as much as humanly possible before the temps hit negative zero.

When summer leaves it’s easy to hibernate and stay tucked inside with our candles and warm blankets. But I recently purchased this outdoor bed and I have every intention (there’s that word again) of utilizing it until it’s physically uncomfortable to do so ;) This means getting something like this for the patio and adding as many blankets as necessary to keep it cozy. I think it actually arrives at some point today, and will be a part of the home tour I’m working on, which will go live on the blog next week. So stay tuned for that.

Simplify each and every area of my life.  

While I’m super conscious about having minimal clutter, sometimes the other areas of my life fall by the wayside. One week I’ll have so many commitments and photo shoots that I can’t tell up from down, and the next week I’ll have nothing. I’d like to be better about intentionally planning out my days, being mindful of when I work best and scheduling things around my writing hours (always in the morning!), and simplifying my work flow. As someone who really values some sort of a routine, I think this would be incredibly beneficial for me when it comes to planning out this blog (using an editorial calendar, for example), and creating an editing flow after photo shoots (instead of just dumping all of the RAW files onto my hard drive and sitting in front of Netflix while I cull and edit my heart out). Maybe I’m better suited doing one shoot at a time, taking a break, changing my scenery (the downstairs coffee shop could not be cuter), and giving myself that space to create in new environments.

Discover my new neighborhood with Jasper.

Now that I’m in a brand new neighborhood, rather than stick to the few blocks that surround me, I want to take full advantage of being in the West Loop – an area that I’ve loved for so long. While I don’t need a dog to do this, he’s just a major bonus as it’s good exercise for him, and makes it a bit more fun for me. We’re going to do start that today, actually. As soon as I schedule this post, we’re out the door for an aimless walk.

Take photos just for me, not for work.

If you’re a photographer, then I’m sure you can relate to what I’m about to say. I remember when I first started out as a full time photographer 9 years ago (that’s crazy), that first year I was always bringing my camera with me and creating just for the fun of it. Anything that caught my eye, I’d find a unique perspective and take the shot. Once steady work started flowing in, I was so knee deep in creating for my clients that slowly but surely, I’d start to leave my camera behind at home when I’d go on a walk or meet up with friends. Creating purely for myself became an after thought. “If it wasn’t for a client, why would I shoot? That just seems like more work.”  That became my thought process. Recently I’ve been missing the art of creating for the hell of it, and I’m excited to bring back to the intention of shooting just for me.

Really hone in on my wardrobe style.

For the past few months, my style has started to shift a bit. I’m way more into neutrals than I’ve ever been (though I have a signature color that I can’t get enough of – will be blogging about this soon!), but I’ve hit a rut though when it comes to knowing what fits my body type the best. I’ve actually been considering working alongside a stylist for a day or two just to get a professional perspective on what’s right for my body. I have a small waist, but curvy hips and a larger chest, so not all looks are created equal ;) I feel like I would have such an easier time choosing staple pieces that will last me years if I knew what to leave alone, and what to embrace.

So there we have it • keeping it short and sweet as a means to not overwhelm myself.

Five intentions for the month.

Five intentions that feel genuine and authentic to where I am right now in my life.

Five intentions that I can’t wait to see how they play out come November. x

Other quick noteworthy things:

• I’m working on my fall capsule wardrobe for this year, but here’s last year’s if you want to take a peek! (it was my very first one and I fell in love with the concept)

My favorite go-to minimalist jewelry (I’ve added varieties of the new pendent necklace that I wear every day and don’t take off)

• I just finished this book and it’s INCREDIBLE. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who’s seeking to live fully and intentionally (who isn’t?) PS: it’s surprisingly funny. 

• If you’re in Chicago and you’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session, I’ve got the perfect scenario for you. I’m teaming up with my friend Deb who’s a professional hair and makeup artist to host boudoir mini sessions on Sunday, November 18th! Click here and fill out the contact form to find out more information.


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