Frequently Asked Questions. 

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Q. How will Your Calming Rings help me?
A. Our Calming Rings have been specially formulated to provide relief from anxiety, stress and tension. They're a helpful tool in combating anxiety, reducing stress levels and preventing unhelpful fidgeting habits such as skin picking.

Q. How do I care for my Calming Ring?
A. Luckily we have an aftercare page just for that! Read all about caring for your ring here 

Q. What size are your Calming Rings?
A.Our rings are resizable. Great, huh? Our rings fit most and the sizing can be altered by gently opening each side of the ring until it reaches the required size.

Q. I got my ring wet. Now what?
A. Our rings are pretty tough, no need to panic just yet (plus that would defeat the purpose of them!) Simply dry your ring with a soft cloth until dry. Learn more about looking after your Calming Ring here

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