How To Create The Perfect & Attainable To-Do List


Happy Monday! Today I wanted to talk about something that’s been a part of my day to day for as long as I can remember: the ever popular to-do list.

They’ve always been the one thing to keep me sane, to let me sleep through the night, and to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Some may call this obsessive compulsive disorder ;) I call it doing what works best for you.

How To Create The Perfect To Do List - The Calm Collective

BUT, here’s the thing: one too many times, I let my to-do list control me.  I took it too seriously. I let it define my success and my self worth. If I got through my entire list (which was insane and usually quite impossible for only having 24 hours in the day – with 8 hours of those for sleep)  I treated that as major success on my part. I’d pat myself on the back and chalk that up to a victory.

So once I completed the day’s list, I’d add just a couple more things, and a couple of more things after that… until, you guessed it: I had once again made my list unattainable. Leaving me feeling down and out and stressed for absolutely no reason.

After all, I was doing this to myself.

How To Create The Perfect To Do List - The Calm Collective

I finally realized one day that something had to change. I had still been using my Top 3 Method, which I still use today, but I started doing something else, too.

I started writing down things I WANTED to do, not just things that I NEEDED to do.

  • Read my book
  • Take Jasper outside
  • Go get a pedicure or a massage
  • Take a bubble bath

These things were always activities that I did “if I had time” once everything else was crossed off.. which was close to never.  

I also always keep it to half a page.  That’s the limit. This helps me to prioritize the most important things (both personal & work related), and makes it so much easier to throw my hands up in the air when the list is done (rather than adding more) If it’s at half a page, that’s my day’s work.

I have to be honest – so far it’s been a game changer. I have way more free time on my hands, but I’m being more productive than ever. My mood is better, my plate feels lighter, and my self care regimen has never been so good.

If you’re like me and enough is never quite enough, or your to-do list is pouring off the pages, I encourage you to try these simple tips.  You just may find yourself feeling like a brand new person. x

How To Create The Perfect To Do List - The Calm Collective


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