TCC Podcast Ep. 31 • Living Your Truth, Surrendering to Your Desires and Understanding Your Intuition with Intuitive Life Coach Sarah Lewis

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Hey friends!

I know it’s been a bit since I’ve blogged (almost a month!) but to be honest, it’s felt really, really good to take a step back. I haven’t really posted on Instagram either, other than stories. I’ve mainly been focusing on the Podcast (31 episodes down!) as that’s been feeling incredibly healing and grounding, so I’m just flowing with what feels good.

You can expect a lot more out of me in that arena, so if you haven’t already,  make sure to subscribe to the show either using iTunes or Spotify!  Or you can sign up for the newsletter and receive an email each time a new episode goes live. Whatever lands best for you :)

This week has been pretty crazy. My mom just got an apartment downtown which is so, so exciting for her (and for me!) and we’ve spent all week moving her in, getting her settled, and shopping for new furniture (always so fun). It does mean, however, that I was taken far out of my routine and forced to breathe through changes, make adjustments, and take extra good care of myself wherever I could. We had a lot of late nights, and so much go-go-go as moving often requires, and a lot of back and forth when it comes to driving.

It’s been a really good lesson for me to lean into being flexible, allowing adjustments to be made (I’ve gotten SO engrained in my day to day lifestyle!), and to instead shift my perspective and be so grateful that I have the freedom to be there for my mom in this magnitude and to create my own schedule without it hindering my income.

Speaking of following my intuition and leaning into change, Episode 31 is now available and I can’t wait for you to listen to it! Sarah Lewis is such an incredible human, and has so much to offer when it comes to listening to your insides to create the life you want. She talks all about how for so long, she was living a life that wasn’t fully her own – rather it was based on programing from childhood, education, career and so much more.

Ready for impact? Scroll down to listen!

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In this episode with Intuitive Life Coach Sarah Lewis, we’ll cover: 

• How to handle living a life that isn’t yours

• Honoring your body and what it’s trying to tell you

• The different types of intuitives (find out which one you are by taking her quiz below!)

• How living from your heart space can save you from pain and struggle





or you can listen by simply click play below!

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