Episode 32 – Coming Home To Your Truest Self and Becoming Your Own Healer with Energy and Reiki Healer Cassandra Vogeli

The Calm Collective Podcast: Soul•full

Hey friends! Do IIIII have a gift for you guys.

If you didn’t catch it earlier this week, this podcast episode with Cassandra Vogeli is just.. powerful.  I was quite literally filled with chills the entire time, and it’s 50% due to the knowledge and wisdom that she was sharing, and 50% due to the fact that she radiates true authenticity and pure magnetism. And as all of us humans know, it’s hard to resist when you’re surrounded by people like that. You just.. thrive in their presence.

Well, that’s how I felt both during after our chat. I just wanted to do better, be better, dig deeper, and show up for myself more. My hope is that you’ll feel the same after you’ve listened.

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This week has been a super powerful lesson when it comes to patience and grace. Do you ever have those days where things just.. aren’t working? I’ve had a few back to back (technology, plans, etc) and thanks to a lot of yoga (more on that soon), journaling and meditation, I was able to approach it all with a more level headed mantra:

That’s not meant for me.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve been saying and surrendering to, and it’s made all the difference. Even on Sunday when it was 7:58 and I had just made myself some delicious Indian food and settled right in front of the TV for the premier of Game of Thrones.. only for my cable box to stop working.

I played around with it for a little while, and as I started to feel my blood boil, I shook it out and said “okay, this must not be meant for me right now.”

While that might sound hokey, I’ve just been trying to look at it as I could be doing other things instead. Maybe the episode wasn’t going to land well in that moment or make my insides feel good. Maybe I should read the book I just bought on Soulful Money Patterns instead. (It’s really, really good by the way). Or MAYBE I should try and tackle mindful eating once and for all (so bad at this!)

Nevertheless, it was a trying week and it felt like the absolute perfect time for Cassandra Vogeli and I to have a beautiful, deep heart to heart centered around reiki, yoga, relationships and being your own best healer.

That episode, Episode 32, is now available and I can’t wait for you to listen to it. Cassandra is such a light-worker and has so much wisdom inside of her bones that it actually blows me away. Formally a licensed therapist, she realized that healing is so much more than talk therapy. It’s energetic work, and it starts from within. She’s now on the journey with her new business, Resonance, to help humans just like me and you, learn to trust ourselves, to breathe new life into our own truth, and to feel home within our own minds and bodies.

Ready to be inspired to become your best healer, and to return home to your truest self?

woman with curly hair and bangs in the desert

In this episode with Cassandra, we’ll cover:

• Reiki 101: what it is and how it works

• Opening up to the curiosities of spirituality

• Becoming your own healer

• Kundalini Yoga and the magic of the practice

• EMDR and healing past traumas and wounds

• Living a sober curious lifestyle

• Flowing through change alongside her husband in a natural, authentic way

• Honoring everyone’s own individual journeys 

• Resonance: Cassandra’s new energy healing business

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