TCC Podcast Ep. 33 • Decluttering Myself From the Inside Out and Aligning With New Beginnings

The Calm Collective Podcast: Soul•full

Today’s episode is a solo episode where I wanted to talk about all of the things I’ve been learning throughout the past month. We’ve had guests on here the past few times, and a lot has happened in this little life of mine so I thought it would be good to do an update of sorts. Catch you all up on what’s been happening, where I’m at, what life is feeling like, and new things I’m loving and excited for. 

In this episode, I’ll cover:

In this episode, I’ll cover:
• Why April felt stagnant
• My red flags for when I know my mind is being hijacked
• My thoughts on “things”
• Detachment and decluttering
• Why I’m leaving my current home and what “home” means to me
• Where I’m going next
• Trusting the universe on this new beginning
• A new book I devoured and loved on finance
• A brief update on my experience with Kundalini Yoga
• The art of saying NO and contemplating an experiment
• Being aware of old patterns

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