10 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every Day

Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every Day - The Calm Collective

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I’m sure you’re all fairly familiar with affirmations and why they’re beneficial. It took me a long while to get on board that train, because for so long I assumed it had to sound a certain way, or be spoken in a certain way.  It would have to involve placing post-its around my home or writing messages to myself in lipstick on my bathroom mirror — you get the gist.  That just wasn’t me. Can you relate to that?

It wasn’t until I let go of all of the expectations and other’s patterns around affirmations that I perfectly fell in line with my own, and came to find that journaling my daily affirmations was what worked best for me. One of the most challenging things was coming up with affirmations that I not only believed, but that I could imagine repeating to myself over and over again for the time being. Free journaling was the most profound way that I stumbled across what is true for me, what I need to hear on a regular basis, and what kind of behaviors and thought patterns I wanted to support.  I also record my affirmations (different ones at different times) throughout the day by writing quick spurts in my journal which I take with me everywhere.  Seeing them on paper makes the words pop — as I’m a visual person.  If I am going to be speaking them, (say, if I’m driving) it works best for me to say them out loud with some super deep breaths alongside.  We’re all different — so find what method works best for you.

Okay wait, but what is a positive affirmation exactly? 

Quite literally, positive affirmations are positive phrases that you tell yourself that are meant to uplift, improve motivation and inspire you. They’re intended to act as a helpful tool to get you to your desired state of being and to increase overall positivity.  So for instance, “you are calm”.  By speaking this to your insides, you’re actively putting yourself in that state of mind (Hopefully! If it doesn’t work immediately, don’t be discouraged. Keep going).

The Power of Positive Affirmation 

You know when people tell you to not think of a purple elephant? Well, what did yo just think about?

A purple elephant?

I thought so. 

Speaking (or writing) positive affirmations acts as the same tool.  Whether it be visionary in order to manifest what it is you want in your life: “you are living in a home on the water” or internal: “you are worthy of rest”, what we speak to ourselves on a daily basis as the ability to become our reality.  That’s some pretty intense stuff.  Now the tricky part is navigating the outside world and not letting it interfere with the messages we want to relay to our internal beings by staying mindful. Social media is the number one interruption when it comes to living out daily habits that resonate with our truth, rather than what we think should be our truth.

Tricky, right?

Don’t I know it.  It wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to get a real grasp on listening to my intuition on an intense level that I’m able to block out outside noise and my own subconscious. I check Instagram far less frequently because I’m no longer looking for or in need of that outside validation.   All the validation I need comes straight from myself. The positive affirmations that I use on a daily basis have a lot (if not everything) to do with that.

Keep in mind that positive affirmations are so much more than an internal boost.  When they’re used on a regular basis and applied appropriately (i.e. you aren’t rolling your eyes when you say it, or you’re speaking them in robot form), they can work as a light switch when it comes to overcoming bad habits, improving your mental state and productivity, improve your self esteem and control behavior patterns you’re not so fond of (a hot temper, for instance). There are even affirmations for weight loss that have been shown to help in this area.

Now if you don’t want to free journal to find out what daily positive affirmations speak true to you, totally fine! I’m actually blogging on this topic for that reason – to help any of you who may feel stuck, or aren’t sure where to start.  Also, keep in mind that with any affirmation, they’re to be applied whenever necessary. This isn’t something that has to be a strict part of your morning routine. If you wake up and you don’t feel like you need any affirming, graciously skip on over them, and tuck them away for later. Often times, my affirmations come up at trying moments where I feel like I’m being tested.  Stuck in traffic or at a super long red light, talking with someone who is giving off a horrible energy and I just want to rid myself of the conversation and the space, navigating crowded airports, etc.   So let’s get started and see if we can’t land on some loving words that speak to you, shall we?

Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every Day - The Calm Collective

Here Is a List of 10 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every Day 

I am worthy of good things 

This one may feel basic, but oh my gosh it’s one of the most crucial things we can tell ourselves on a daily basis.  So many of us believe that due to whatever past we’ve endured or mistakes we’ve made, we’re not worthy of good things coming into our lives. Or, we’re so wrapped up in watching good things happen to other people — be it online or in our social circles, we forget to look inward and see the good happening to us. While it’s simple, it’s powerful. Feel free to add any specifics to this affirmation as well. (i.e. I am worthy of a healthy,  equal, loving relationship)

I am calm

One I tell myself every day, and I’m sure this doesn’t surprise any of you for obvious reasons.  One of my worst habits (I’ll admit it!) is my quick response to impulse. Meaning when something happens that effects my nervous system, I go into full on protection mode and my mind gets frazzled and fuzzy. I don’t always take the time to pause, which can lead to making decisions that are either a) sloppy, or b) don’t have my best interest at heart. Fortunately, with a lot of internal work I’ve gotten to a place where I can speak “I am calm” or “you’re okay — take a breath” and actually feel my insides start to rest.  Any version of “I am calm” will work to soothe your nerves system (an out of whack nervous system is truly one of my least favorite feeling on earth)

I am a soul, not a body

I know this one is deep — but hear me out.  The sooner you can register that you are a soul and NOT a body, is the moment you give yourself total freedom to stop comparing your size 8 to someone else’s size 2.  The coolest part? The moment you release yourself from defining your insides by what your outsides look like, your outsides START TO CHANGE. Imagine that! Less stress about your weight? The weight starts to fall off.  Less agonizing over every wrinkle? Your nervous system is put to rest and those wrinkles come in just a tad bit slower (aging is inevitable, my friends) Similarly, when you put good food into your body, you’re basically two birds with one stone.  Not only do you feed nutrients to yourself that make you strong, clear your skin and keep you energized, but your soul feeds off of this, too. It’s called self love my friends.


I am that I am 

I love this one when I’m having a tough day.  A day that requires nothing of me (those happen here and there). Maybe all I want to do is lay around and watch Netflix, or maybe I’m super sensitive and feeling hormonal, maybe I just really want some alone time and don’t feel like sharing space with anyone else. I am that I am — and that is totally, utterly, 100% okay.  You are, we are, human. Give yourself permission to go inward, listen up, and just be.

I am not defined by others perceptions 

A tricky one, no doubt — so it’s obviously worth hanging on to and repeating whenever and however many times you may need it.  I’ve said it earlier and I’ll say it again, social media can act as an amazing tool, but also a toxic one.  I’m 32 and I’m not married yet.  I can’t tell you how long this used to mess with my head. But when I go inward and ask myself the question, “does this bother you?” the answer is a loud, neon sign “NO”. It doesn’t — and it feels so good to ACTUALLY believe that! Not being married yet doesn’t make me less than. It doesn’t make me undesirable. It’s the way my life is panning out in sync with my partner’s. And that, is amazing.

So a little shoutout to all of my women out there who aren’t married yet, or aren’t having babies, but everyone continues to ask or post announcements — YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY OTHERS PERCEPTIONS.  You’re exactly where you need to be. (and I promise you, they all mean well)

I am overflowing with energy 

Hear me out on this one, because I can see where you might be heading.  I don’t mean this as an affirmation to tell yourself when you’re tired and you’re trying to pretend like you’re not. Rather using it as an affirmation to remember that that’s quite literally what you’re made up of. Energy.  Your body is working;  your heart is beating keeping you alive, your throat is open, your blood is pumping and your cells are reacting. All good shit.  So when you feel sluggish or tired, telling yourself that you’re quite literally overflowing with energy is simply an acknowledgment that things are in motion. See what happens.

I am grace

Okay this one is a little more playful, because I use this one quite literally. I am insanely clumsy. This isn’t’ something that a lot of people know bout me — only those who I’ve lived with &/or who have raised me ;)  I break glasses at least once a week, I trip ALL the time, I fall down the stairs repeatedly (just a couple of weeks ago I fell down the stairs twice in under an hour…true story, ask Chris), etc.  When I’m having a particularly clumsy day, or even if Im not, I repeat “I am grace” to myself and it reminds me to slow down, watch my footing, and pay attention to all of my movements (especially when I’m doing the dishes)

I surround myself with positive energy 

This is a great one to use if you work in a social setting, or have troubles with letting go of relationships that aren’t uplifting you in the best of ways (I talk about that a bit here if you need some guidance in this tricky area).  This one works in two powerful ways. One, it acts as a reminder that you’re deserving of loving energy and can work as a tester when meeting new people. Maybe you’ve just met someone and you’re in conversation and something just isn’t landing well. by repeating “I surround myself with positive energy” you’re straight up saying, “No, girl. We don’t have the space for this in our lives.”  That’s one less person you’re taking on simply because you feel like you have to.  (Case in point: I’m SUPER picky about who I give my number out to and make no apologies for that. Neither should you! It’s your personal space. Be aware of who you’re giving access to)

I am disassociated with fear

Just to be clear, I mean this as the kind of fear where we’re strictly getting in our own way — the ego, if you will.  If you feel fear while you’re walking outside at night, listen to that one! ;) I simply mean if you struggle with your ego getting in the way (raising my hand HIGH here),  using this affirmation will truly benefit you.  I’ve even been known to literally push it away with my hands as a means to say “Get away from me, no thank you”.  Treating fear like a physical thing, be it a snake or a food you really don’t like, makes it incredibly easy to disassociate yourself from it and to release the repetitive nature of getting in your own way. I’m living proof that when you can call it out by name, your life has the ability to drastically change and open up for you.

I am light 

This is one that my reiki master actually said to me during my appointment with her a couple of weeks ago and it stayed with me.  Maybe because it felt like a warm dose of sunshine to my insides when she said it (no pun intended), but I think it had more to do with how I could use it as a tool to respond to other people — especially when I may not agree with what they’re doing or how they’re acting.  By repeating “I am light”, I’m simply reminding myself that I have the ability to shift others perceptions just by being who I am and projecting light instead of dark.  Pretty powerful stuff, if you think about it.  It may seem easier to just roll your eyes or aggressively “fake cough” at the person who’s tapping their foot super loud next to you at the coffee shop while you try to write (literally just happened to me), but what’s ACTUALLY easier? Making eye contact and smiling from a place of “I dig that you’re happy &/or feeling the beat that’s hitting your ears. I really do.” They’ll get the picture with the genuine eye contact and recognition without you rolling your eyes and not only ruining their day, but majorly damaging your own.  Be light.

So what do you think? Will you try any of these? I really hope you do! I would LOVE for you guys to email me either affirmations that you use and swear by, or feedback from any of these that you try.  x

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