Some thoughts on rock bottom

Some Thoughts on Hitting Rock Bottom • Written by The Calm Collective

If you asked me, I’d tell you that one of the worst feelings of human existence, coming in close second to the loss of a loved one, would be hitting rock bottom.

It’s a brutal discovery, and it’s also one of the most humbling that we as human beings will ever digest. 

It’s likely that some of you haven’t ever hit rock bottom, and it’s also likely that some of you have, but you weren’t able to identify it. At the risk of summarizing such a complex state of mind, I’m going to try.

Rock bottom feels like there is no way out. Pair anxiety with paralysis and a hole so dark you aren’t able to look back or forward – let alone see the present moment.

In one word: it’s crippling. 

But there’s good news to be heard about rock bottom, and it’s something I discovered during one of my seasons with the daunting feeling.

When rock bottom hits, something big is coming.

I’m a firm believer that life is a compilation of lessons that we’re here to learn to create the fullest human experience possible. Some of us learn really hard lessons, other lessons are minor and far more discreet. Neither is “bad” or “good”, rather each of us are given only what we can handle, so that we can (ideally) be able to move forward and empathize with others on an entirely different level.

What You Need To Know About Hitting Rock Bottom - The Calm Collective

Here’s the other thing: rock bottom gives you no other choice than to ask for help. Whether that’s within yourself, to a trusted person, or a professional. For me, this usually boils down to having reiki treatments done, journaling, and being held by a few of my closest confidants. (and if you’re wondering, I’ve hit a total of 3 rock bottoms in my life, thus far).

So for those of you who are in one, have hit one, or have yet to witness one yourself – please remember that it is not, by any means, the end.

In fact, the opposite is true.

It’s the beginning. 

So hold on, reach out, and breathe new life into the unknown. Because something magical is about to unfold. I promise.

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