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Earrings c/o • Necklace c/o • Sweater (old) | This one is similar and I love this one • Gold BandRope RingPurse

Hi loves! Happy Thursday. If you followed along on my Instagram Stories earlier this week, then you saw that I flew out on Monday morning to surprise my best friend who’s living in Las Vegas temporarily while her husband is completing his fellowship. It was literally the most epic surprise and I still can’t believe her husband and I pulled it off. Linds and I text pretty much all day every day, and the fact that a) it didn’t slip, and b) I was texting her literally while I was up in the air is a major victory. 

It was the most perfect few days with my soulmate of a friend, and I’m so thankful that I took this trip. Nathan, if you’re reading this: THANK YOU for being a part of it and making this all possible! (He purchased my return ticket and configured the whole surprise so that Linds would be “home to collect her package by 1pm”) 

All this to say: nourish your friendships. Go the extra mile whenever it’s necessary (and even when it’s not) One of the most valuable things I continue to learn as life goes on is that healthy, fulfilling friendships are crucial. With everything I’ve been through in the past 5 years – loss, heartbreak, moving, etc (I’m sure so many of you can relate) I’ve come to realize that my friends are what’s constant. They’re my family.

I fully intend on forever treating them as such. 

Now lets jump in to today’s post!

saressa designs, necklace, gold necklace, druzy, jewelry - The Calm Collective

I’m back with another installment of Etsy Shop Spotlight • as you all know, I love supporting the makers and the small businesses so, so much. Today’s artist is a jewelry maker who creates some of the most magical pieces that are lightweight, amazing quality and offer a variety of designs to choose from.

Meet: Saressa Designs

saressa designs, earrings, gold, druzy, jewelry - The Calm Collective

saressa designs, necklace, gold necklace, druzy, jewelry, gray sweater, Sienna pants - The Calm Collective

Today, Nov 1st through next Thursday Nov 8th, Saressa Designs is offering 15% off your first order (the entire purchase) when you use the code CALM15 at checkout!

Also, we’re partnering together to host a GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will receive this beautiful necklace (that I own!). Keep in mind the holidays are right around the corner, so if you do’t keep it for yourself, it makes for the perfect gift for your mom, sister or girlfriend. 

saressa designs, necklace, gold necklace, druzy, jewelry - The Calm Collective

TO ENTER simply follow these 2 steps: 

• Follow The Calm Collective on Instagram and comment on today’s post by tagging 3 friends

• Follow Saressa Designs on Instagram

That’s it! You’re entered. The winner will be selected at random on Friday by 8pm CST! x

Remember: Saressa Designs is also offering each one of you 15% off your first order when you use the code  CALM15. So, happy shopping!

Some of my other favorite pieces from her shop:




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