10 Ways To Implement Self Care Into Your Day To Day

How to Implement Self Care Into Your Every Day - The Calm Collective

Self care is all the rage these days, and for good reason. We as a society are taught to grind until we’re flush, anxious, and paying our therapists thousands of dollars to tell us what the heck is wrong with us – when in fact, nothing is. It’s our own doing. Our own desire to go, go, go and never slow down.  This was me two years ago, and I can’t even tell you how different my life is now.  I committed to making a change, to being more selfish (in a gentle way) and to forcing a work/life balance into my day to day.  While some of these examples may sound obvious, I wanted to share 10 ways to add self care into your routine. These are the tools I used to make a change, and I still use them today.  x


  • Treat your shower time like a spa. When you have the water running, add drops of Eucalyptus oil where the water hits. Dim the lights. Light a candle. Add some soothing music if you wish (sometimes I just like silence)
  • Buy silky pajamas. That sounds super silly, but wearing this fabric makes it feel luxurious and can help reduce stress.
  • Opt for music instead of TV. It’ll invite more spontaneous dance parties and sing-a-longs. TV can induce stress and distractions. Music is a mood lifter.
  • Cook yourself an elaborate breakfast. I never used to do this, but now every morning I start my day by cooking in the kitchen and using that to wake my brain up.
  • No matter how busy your work day is, get a work out in. I’m not perfect at this, but I’m always sure to be staying active every day.  Love your body. It’s the only one you’ve got.
  • Organize your closet.  Set your mind straight by purging and getting things decluttered to invite more positivity into your day to day.
  • Be concrete with your work hours. I don’t answer emails after 4pm, and while that may feel extreme – it works for me and it keeps my head clear and de-frazzled, and allows me to unwind before going to bed. (takes me a while to unwind from a work day!)
  • Always see your friends. While it can be hard to coordinate schedules, take the time to see or speak at least one of your friends. Thank God for FaceTime! The connection to our friendships makes us feel so much more valuable and secure, which is a great thing for our head and heart.
  • Words of affirmation. Get a letterfolk board or leave little post-its around your home leaving yourself messages or nice reminders. A mama I know has one on her fridge that says, “let them be little” to remind her to not get frustrated when there are loud noises and giggles around her house when all she wants is peace and quiet. My letterfolk board currently reads “let life unfold” as a daily reminder to take each moment as it comes. It works, I promise.
  • Get some vitamin D. Try to get some sunshine however you can, whenever you can. I feel so lucky to have a balcony at the #tccloft, and if it ever stops raining ;) I intended to spend many days outside answering emails.  If the sun won’t cooperate, take your daily dose of vitamin D. Don’t skimp on this, either. It’s one of the most vital things to our bodies and most of us are lacking. I like this one. 

10 Ways To Implement Self Care Into Your Life - The Calm Collective


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