A Short List of Good Things

A Short Good List - The Calm Collective

Hey friends. Happy Wednesday — So I’m currently nestled up in blankets on the couch with my favorite candle overlooking an insane amount of snow. Still confused by this, considering it was 40 and sunny yesterday. But the point is that I love moments like this, towards the end of the day when my errands are taken care of and I can just retreat to a warm, comfortable place. A place where I can unwind, write freely. Also document some really good, simple things. This has become a practice that I love so much – it allows me to be more mindful throughout my days, take pause to document a moment or a thing that felt good, and jot it down either in my phone or on the nearest piece of paper.

So here we go…


A Short Good List - The Calm Collective

The smell of onions simmering on the stove.

Garlic is a close second. Please don’t make me choose.

A day of errands, coming home…

… and taking off your shoes and savoring the taste of ginger Kombucha (in a wine glass to make it more fancy).

A brand new journal

… and some new pens.

This candle and the fact that they now make it in mist form.

I bought it while in San Francisco and I can’t stop talking about it (these are the kinds of purchases that, to me, are worth while)

This little conversation with my 3 year old nephew, River, who’s middle name is my dad’s namesake (James):

Me: Rivy, what’s your middle name? / River: Papa Jim”

Trevor Hall.

A new artist that I came across and I can’t stop listening to. Especially “To Zion”.

A Short Good List - The Calm Collective

Eucalyptus all throughout the house.

It lasts so long, and the scent it gives off is so calming.

I recently bought this book after seeing it at my friend Erin’s, and I’m addicted.

These are some of the most thought provoking interview questions from some of the most brilliant minds. So I love taking just a few minutes out of my day to read through them.

Peanut Butter cookies from the local deli in Traverse City.

They’re always fresh and out of the oven, and as big as your head.

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