A Short List of Good Things

A Short List of Good Things - The Calm Collective
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Where to even start without sounding annoying? Because the truth is, life really is so good right now. And the best part? I don’t even have any specific, over the top examples to give you that are far fetched. Each thing I want to share that’s making my vibrations mega high are all super attainable and probably happening to you as well. The only difference (if you’re sitting there going WTF do you mean?) is that I’m 100% fully in my alignment and I’m committed to staying there come hell or high water.

Don’t worry. We’re going to talk more about this both on the blog AND on the podcast, so stay tuned for that in the near future.

Back to the short list of good things

Outdoor Comfort

I finally got some chaise lounge chairs for outside! I’ve been going out to the little table that I have each morning that I’ve been in Northern Michigan, enjoying my coffee &/or Four Sigmatic, reading a book, journaling, slowly waking up and getting (too much) sun on my skin. Chris and I had both mentioned that it would be crazy nice to have chairs to actually lie down in and stretch out, and so I accepted the challenge and found two that make all the difference. (Can you guess where I’m writing this from right now?)

Love Beauty & Planet

Have you heard of them? Gah, I love them so much. Their branding is AMAZING, but their message and lack of scary products even more so. They recently sent me a (super cute) bag full of their shampoos, conditioners and body washes, and two things to note here: 1. Bathing with SAFE products make it so much more enjoyable in my opinion. That’s how I feel about this lip gloss. Whenever I use it I’m like, “the fact that I could eat this on accident and not die is pretty great”. Do you know what I mean?  Once I read this book and got educated on what some of the most popular and terrifying ingredients do to our insides, I just can’t pretend I don’t care anymore. It’s not an option. So I’m really grateful for companies who are paying attention and putting in the work and the efforts to better our planet (both Mother Nature and the people who walk on her)

PB Toast With an Upgrade

I was at my mom’s recently celebrating Mother’s Day and her birthday, and I had a sweet tooth craving for breakfast. I opted for peanut butter toast, and then realized I had a coconut milk raspberry yoghurt I hadn’t yet consumed (SO Delicious is my favorite brand, in case you were wondering!), and so I spread it on top of the peanut butter. GAME CHANGER. It was amazing. Highly recommend.

Smart Women Finish Rich

I had heard of David Bach when I was told about The Automatic Millionaire (which you should definitely read), which led me to this book with the catchy title: Smart Women Finish Rich. Now I have no desire to be rich, if I’m being honest. I have a desire to have money to support myself, my family, to give back, to live well and to be able to continue building on things that feel good to me (business wise and other wise). But what overwhelms the F out of me is when it comes to what the best thing to do with the money I’m making. Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.  Huh? I understand a bit of it (and I better because some of my money is invested!) but certainly not enough. Not enough to feel confident or carry on in conversation with someone about it, and that has to CHANGE.  Growing up, my parents were always really great about instilling independence in us, and wanting to make sure that we could always be okay on our own. Now that I’ve got my soulmate in tow, life is grand, but that doesn’t change the fact that I want to be able to be an active participant in any future financial situations that pop up in our future – such as investments, retirements, etc. I want to be educated and knowledgeable, and quite frankly – you should too. This book makes it SO easy and actually fun to learn the process, so please won’t you do yourself this one major solid and read it?

Miss You Already

My mom and I watched this movie when I was back home and IT IS SO GOOD. It’s on Amazon Prime so it’s super easy to access, and I laughed and cried throughout the whole duration of the film.

Drinking Cacao

A lot of you probably know about cacao for baking purposes, but did you know that you can drink it? And if you’re buying the right stuff, it’s insanely good for you? It’s one of the best superfoods that you can put into your body. Thanks to this human who created my favorite book, ever, I was introduced to it and I’ve been having a cup around late morning to mid-day (drinking one now!)  This is the brand that I got, and I’m really liking it.  It doesn’t have a bitterness taste, and I add a little coconut oil and some cayenne and cinnamon to make it even more delicious.

A Short List of Good Things - The Calm Collective

One last thing: see that AMAZING handmade ceramic mug in the photos? It’s by Hanselmann Pottery whom I love so much. Stay tuned for a giveaway with them coming to the blog VERY soon! x

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