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While I’ve been traveling much more than usual (which is legit so hard on my body — anyone else like this?) it’s been a week of serious grounding and learning for me. I’ve been knee deep in books, podcasts, journaling, healing, etc. and I’ve honestly never felt better. I’m also so grateful that winter has seemed to have left us and spring is in full force. By the time we land back home from San Francisco early next week, the temps will be at 70* and we can finally start renovating the outside of the house. More good things to come.

For now, I leave you to enjoy your weekend with a short list of a few good things:

+ Matcha Lattes

I talked all about my love for matcha over here, but the other day when I went to go make a mid afternoon latte, I realized my frother was out of batteries, as was I. So I came up with a little hack that involves these mason jars (which I use consistently throughout my day), mason jar lid, and your matcha ingredients.  I boiled some water, added some unsweetened vanilla coconut milk, 3 tablespoons of my matcha powder, and once the water was to a boil, poured it in the mason jar. I topped it with the lid, and shook it for about 15 seconds. Wouldn’t you know that the latte was just as frothy as if I had used the actual tool? And it was far less messy ;)

+ My skincare routine that I recently cut in half.

I was feeling so cluttered with my previous line up, (even though it wasn’t much) and realized that the products I was using had a lot more to do about what other people were using (so I thought I should use it, too) than what my skin was actually craving. It includes this face wash (my forever favorite), this toner, this eye gel and this face oil. Every other night, I’ll use this sleep cream and once a week I’ll apply this clay mask with apple cider vinegar. That’s it. That’s all she wrote.

 + The Almost 30 Podcast.

Not only do their intros always make me laugh out loud (sometimes until I cry), but I resonate so much with them as far as being a little weird and a lot witty — yet having a super deep side that resonates so much with spirituality and holistic living. If you haven’t listened to them, do yourself a favor. They’re unicorns.

+ I haven’t been drinking much at all lately, which is doing wonders for my skin and sleep patterns.

Two things to note: I’ve always been a glass of red wine at night kind of girl, and while I sleep for 8 hours every night, I almost always wake up once or twice. // Lately (for the past two weeks or so) I just haven’t been craving wine or alcohol, and if I do have a glass, I end up finishing about 1/4 of it, and because of this — my skin’s texture is different. It’s so incredibly soft and easy to maintain. I also haven’t woken up once in the middle of the night.

+ Walking barefoot outside.

Because of the major rise in temps lately, I was able to put my feet in the grass and I swear to you, it was revolutionary. Paired with not having to wear a jacket and I could have shed tears of joy. While I value winter and all it has to offer (especially up North), the lack of vitamin D and warmth on my skin and the Earth at my feet for close to 7 months was starting to take a toll on me. I’m so looking forward to creating a livable outdoor space this spring/summer.

+ Oranges.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m craving them like crazy as of late. One a day, cut into slices, and I relish in every single bite. They’re so damn refreshing, and I’m obsessed with the smell.

+ My childhood home and going through sentimental things.

It had been forever since I walked up to the attic and took the time to go through my “baby boxes” as we call them. While most people may have 1 box with a plethora of things, mine somehow turned into a few different boxes with the most random assortment of “keepsakes”. One morning, while I was staying at the house alone, I settled with some tea and got to sifting. I read through some old letters (many of which were from my dad which was amazing), I found photographs that I had forgotten even existed, and rid of anything that brought up negativity in my life (hello, high school) to clear the space. I ended up with one medium sized box filled with everything of real value, and quite literally felt like a new person. 1,000 pounds lifted off my shoulder that morning, and I felt incredibly connected to my dad through it all.

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