Do You Have Trouble Falling Asleep or Suffer From Anxiety? Try This (Healthy) Trick

Drinking skullcap will help you sleep at night • Camel Brim Hat, High waisted flare jeans, black mock turtleneck - The Calm Collective

Jamie High Waisted Flare Jeans (I also have them in this color | similar version here | similar sans flare) • Sheer Mock Turtleneck (I have this color as well) • Camel Brim Hat (this is another great one that I wear often) • Earrings (I wear these every single day)  • Pendent Necklace (similar here | here) • Thumbprint Ceramic Mug

Hey loves • Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it to the middle of the week, and it’s been productive over here in my corner to say the least. My home is almost all the way together (the painting has been hung and the outdoor bed is being built as we speak!), and then I’m pretty much settled. I’ve also been shooting like crazy which feels really, really good. I remember talking to my intuitive healer on the phone back in August when things were spiraling out of control (at least that’s what it felt like) and she said these exact words:


She was so fucking right. Diving headfirst right back into photography has been healing beyond belief. But it didn’t happen just like that – it didn’t happen over night.  When this new transition came about, I jumped on a plane to see my sister, Britt, in San Francisco. Unsure of up from down, my anxiety was through the roof.

• What was I going to do now?

• What was life going to look like?

• Why didn’t I have all of the answers?

• Could I really handle all of this?

These were the questions that not only filled my muscles and bones with anxiety throughout the days, but that kept me up at night • something I was so unfamiliar with (I’ve always been an amazing sleeper). It’s a vicious cycle, dealing with stress and insomnia all at once, and when I was open about it with myself to my sister, per usual she knew exactly what I needed.

Drinking skullcap will help you sleep at night • Camel Brim Hat, High waisted flare jeans, black mock turtleneck - The Calm Collective

I remember we were winding down for the evening and sitting at her kitchen table in her cute little house that overlooks the city and the Bay. I felt defeated and almost delirious, and watched her move effortlessly through the kitchen as she prepared some chamomile tea for me. I remember thinking,

“Chamomile tea isn’t going to work. I’ve tried that already.”

And she reached into her herb cabinet and pulled out a tincture. When I asked her what it ways, she replied “it’s Skullcap”.  What a name, am I right? It sounds harsh, but as she explained to me what it does for the human body, I was all in.

So what is Skullcap exactly?

Skullcap is an herbal medicine that’s extracted from a plant (using the above ground parts) that can be taken in either capsule form or liquid form. (I prefer liquid so I can add it to my tea as my sister did for me that first night). This typically grows in meadows, and it’s known to help with trouble sleeping, anxiety, twitches, the nervous system and spasms.

Are there different kinds of Skullcap?

For the nervous system or for a sleep-aid, avoid the Chinese Skullcap, as this form is used to aid in high fevers, headaches, infections, etc.  American Skullcap and Chinese Skullcap aren’t created equal.

Is Skullcap addictive?

No, don’t worry! The only thing that can become addictive is your own mental belief that you can’t function without it. I don’t take Skullcap every night, rather I listen to my body and take it from there. If I’m feeling anxious or I can tell that my usual bedtime wind down isn’t leaving me feeling relaxed and mellow, I know it’s a good night to put some drops into my tea.

What’s the proper dosage for Skullcap?

If you look it up on the internet, you’ll get a hundred different answers as to how much you should take. I can tell you what works for me, and you can play with it on your own and see where it lands for you. If I’m taking it during the day to ease my nervous system (rarely do I do this), I put 1/2 a tincture into some water. If I’m adding it to my nightly tea, I put a full tincture, and within 10 minutes, I’m feeling the sleepy effects.

Drinking skullcap will help you sleep at night • Camel Brim Hat, High waisted flare jeans, black mock turtleneck - The Calm Collective

The first night I tried it, I remember cupping my hands over the warm mug and having a conversation with my sister on the couch. I was half way through the tea, and could quite literally feel myself mellowing out. My muscles were relaxing, my jaw unclenched, and I could just tune into my entire body, telling me it was ready for sleep.  That night was the first night that I slept sound, and it made all of the difference.

I was putting it in my tea for the next week and a half or so and taking a couple of drop here and there during the day, until I could tell that the anxiety was starting to ease it’s way out of my nervous system on it’s own.  Now, as I mentioned above, I use it when I’m having trouble winding down for the night, or when things are feeling just a bit too overwhelming.

I really hope this is helpful for anyone who has been struggling with calming their nervous system or having trouble sleeping. It really can become such a burden to feel that sense of overwhelm, and to not have that proper time to recover. Sleep is crucial, and while I’m not a doctor and certainly don’t know everyone’s personal situation, anytime I can treat myself with something safe and natural that comes from the Earth, I’m all in.


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This is next up on my reading list. My friend over at Healthified Life recommended it to me, and anything by Deepak Chopra holds my interest.

• I’m recording podcast episodes all next week, and would love it if you guys sent over any topics you’d like to hear about. You can also continue asking me anything by sending me a DM over on Instagram! I’ll be hosting another Q+A episode soon.

• Do you guys use natural deodorant? I go in and out, because I feel like it never works! My friend Jess was telling me about this one yesterday (I tried it • smells heavenly), and she said it’s the only one that doesn’t put you through that weird transition when your body is getting used to a natural deodorant. I think I’m sold.


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