Taking Stock • October

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Good morning, loves. I’ll be honest – I had a hard time waking up this morning. It’s no thanks to the fact that I stayed up far too late reading a new book (see below), and thought it was a good idea to fight through a 5mg melatonin. Not my wisest move.

Nevertheless, I’m here, in bed, typing to you. One of my best girlfriends from Michigan is on her way up here for the next couple of days for some much needed catch up time, and I’ve got some fun things planned. Today I’m taking her with me to the Mag Mile while I have to do some shooting for a Chicago photo project, in which I will absolutely be introducing her to to Cindy’s for one of the best views in Chicago and some appetizers. Tomorrow we’re going to walk the 606 with coffee in hand, then head over to Lincoln Park where we’ll check out the zoo, walk the boardwalk, and grab some food at the rooftop at Hotel Lincoln. Plenty of room for spontaneity of course, but all in all I’d say we’ve got a solid 48 hours up our sleeves.

It’s been a really, really busy past couple of weeks when it comes to photography (which I’m so grateful for), but because of that I haven’t had much time to just sit and think. So this is what today’s post is all about • I’m re-introducing the Taking Stock series which is such a lovely way to collect what’s good right now (and always fun to look back on down the road)

So let’s jump in!

Taking Stock • October

Making: Super intense green smoothies. I’m talking 2 cups of spinach, 2 cups of kale AND adding scoop of this. I add a banana, a few pieces of ice and some almond milk. It’s delicious (and I’m guilt free for the rest of the day if I’m lacking on my greens)

Drinking: I talked about this last week, but I’ve been having maybe a little too much fun with my coffee game as of late. The real game changer is adding this to my grounds. My nails and my hair are growing like rapid fire.

PS: speaking of coffee, don’t forget to enter this amazing giveaway with SmileBrilliant! One winner will win their CariPRO electric toothbrush (which I use and love) Simply fill out this 3 second form, and you’re entered!

Reading: I’m actually reading a few books right now. Women Who Run With the Wolves / Living Alone and Loving It (an insane book that was recommended. I’m devouring it.) / Re-reading Big Magic

Wanting: For my dance classes to start up at Lou Conte Dance Studio. Modern, Jazz & Ballet all begin next week!

Listening: Leon Bridges radio (thanks to my friend Jess for getting me addicted to this during one of our work dates), my new fall playlist and Khalid.

Wishing: That fall stays longer than just a few weeks. This string of 50* and sunny days is giving me life.  (so is being able to use this every day)

Enjoying: Journaling and reading at night and in the mornings. I’m also enjoying waking up at 7:20 every day. I used to just let my body sleep, but something about being up bright and early feels really, really good right now.

Loving: Sand and Fog candles – right now I’m especially loving white pumpkin and mulled wine (though there are no bad scents). I constantly have 3-4 burning at all times.

Hoping: That I find a pair of figure skates SOON. I’ve been on the hunt for what feels like forever for replacement boots (not true, but just feels that way), and I’m so eager to get back onto the ice. Now that I live right by the new MB Ice Arena, it’s more convenient then ever.

Needing: A reunion with my Michigan girls. Fortunately, one is on her way to me right now as we speak :)

Feeling: A lot of big, healthy internal shifts. Having the desire to actually want to be alone right now is really big, since I’ve basically been in relationships for the past decade. While I’m always open to life happening, it feels really good to first and foremost want to be with myself.

Wearing: This mock turtleneck and this sweater on repeat. (not together, of course)



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