Taking Stock // December

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It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these, but whenever I do, I’m reminded by how sweet the simplicity of it is. Any chance I get to sit back and reflect on my current surroundings or things that I’ve been subconsciously focused on, I’m a happy woman.  So let’s dive in.  


Time and space for meditation every single morning, sometimes during the day, and always at night. I finally caved and purchased the (super affordable) annual membership for Insight Timer, and I couldn’t be happier. There are so many offerings on that app, I had to stop adding courses just to ensure I didn’t overwhelm myself. Right now I’m doing a daily morning meditation, an anxiety tool-kit course (which has been helping tremendously with my new-found anxiety), and a course by Sarah Blondin (my all time favorite meditation teacher who’s poetry I’ve been listening to for months now) called Coming Home To Yourself. As you can probably tell, I’m hooked and so grateful for this platform.


My morning coffee with collagen (it doesn’t taste like anything! Just throwing that out there as this is the usual question that I get when I tell people this hack), and a gallon of water a day thanks to this bad boy. It looks hilarious with how big it is, but honestly it’s one of the best buys I’ve made in a while.


I just bought Cal Newport’s new book, Digital Minimalism which I cannot wait to dive into. He’s one of my favorite minimalists and people to listen to on podcasts, and I’ve been in the midst of weaning myself from checking Instagram every day, so it feels like a really good time to read this. I also just got Emily Fletcher’s book Stress Less, Achieve More. She’s the founder of Ziva Meditation and I’ve heard really amazing things about this book. 


To meet my best friend’s baby who’s due so soon! And to meet my second oldest sister’s baby BOY. We just found out the gender on Thanksgiving, and we’re all so excited. This makes #9 for me when it comes to nieces and nephews. Crazy :) 


Brittany Runs a Marathon on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen it, go watch right now. It’s SO good. Funny, yes. But also super deep and meaningful. I was laughing and crying on a loop. The title of the movie doesn’t make it sound like much, which is why I think I was so pleasantly surprised. One more recommendation: The Kaminsky Method on Netflix. I plowed through both seasons and was floored by the acting, the message, and just how GOOD the storyline is. You won’t regret it :) 


My second oldest sister just got me back into Tracy Chapman. I had forgotten how talented she is. I’m also listening to a lot of Talos (this song will make you melt), my (forever favorite) Yoste, Khalid and this song has been my feel good-dance in my living room jam as of late.


For a really peaceful end to 2019, and an even more peaceful beginning to 2020. That’s all up to me, though :) 


My favorite Everyday Oil that I wear, well.. every day. I’ve also been lighting Copal every morning and night since my trip out to Boulder in September. I used to be all about Palo Santo, but now that there’s been so much sad news around it, I’ve strayed away and am opting for Copal instead. Honestly, I prefer it.


Looking at real estate around the city (it’s so addicting and eye opening), listening to music in the mornings (probably louder than I should), having my childhood Christmas Tree in my living room, working on The Declutter Method Course – it’s bringing me SO much joy putting this together. It’s honestly so therapeutic.


Lots of green juice. I’ve been on a kick.


Orange Theory. I have so much to say here, but I’ll keep it short. I used to do this about 2 years ago and I really liked it.  It changed my body pretty quickly, and I ended up stopping because I moved to Michigan for a stint and they don’t have one where I was living.  Then I sort of just forgot about it and had been doing barre for so long. Then when this new battle with anxiety hit, I’ve been feeling like I’m crawling out of my own skin, and the only thing I could think that might give me some physical relief was to exercise.. But more intensely than what barre classes could offer. So, I signed up at the Old Town location and I’ve been doing about 4 times a week. To say it’s changing how I’m feeling within my battle with anxiety is an understatement. I feel so clear headed once I’ve finished my workout, the endorphins are through the roof, and honestly – I walk out of every class thinking “I can’t believe my body just did all of that”. The workouts are ANYTHING but easy. I’m so, so thankful that I stumbled back upon OT. 


Some quality time with my best friends – which will happen this weekend as one of them is getting married! Can’t even express how excited we all are to witness and stand up alongside her. 


My favorite velvet bathrobe, these workout pants (I have them in so many colors – they’re THE best, so flattering and extremely affordable), and this dress from Nordstrom. It’s like butter. 


Hopeful about the work I’m doing to recover from my anxiety, so grateful for my family and friends who have been holding so much space for me in this strange season, heavy hearted and missing my dad more than ever (always extra around this time of year as it’s his birthday, the anniversary of his death, holidays without him, etc), excited about spending a week with my nieces and nephew in San Francisco.

So there we have it. A sweet little reflection as we settle in to the last month of 2019. Also! If you’re still looking for some gift ideas for the people in your life, I put together an extensive gift guide for him, her, the littles & even the dogs. x

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can still pre-register for The Declutter Method Course that will be launching early 2020! All pre-registers will receive exclusive early bird discount pricing once the course goes live. x


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