TCC Podcast Episode 07: Clean Skincare and Living Your Life’s Purpose with Kate Hauf of Damn Good Face Wash

Kate Hauf of Damn Good Face Wash - Episode 07 of The Calm Collective Podcast - Quote

This episode with the amazing Kate Hauf of Damn Good Face Wash completely exceeded my expectations. I’ve been a customer of Kate’s for well over a year, and always knew I loved her based on her beautiful small business mentality that’s so intimate (hand written notes with every order – everything hand made), but never did I ever expect to be so in sync with her during our chat.

We start off the conversation with clean skincare, something I’m super passionate about and talk about on the blog quite often, and Kate debunks some popular myths we’ve all been hearing when it comes to our skin. From there, we move into building a successful online business, and organically move into this lovely space of listening to your intuition when it comes to what’s next, saying no and being the biggest advocate for you and your brand, and following your life’s purpose with reckless abandon.

By the time we wrapped up the call, I was covered in chills and about to fly through the roof with inspiration. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. You can listen right here if you’re set up on iTunes, or right here if you don’t have Apple products. I hope you love! x


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