The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude - The Calm Collective

I’ve been journaling for as long as I can remember. Now, mind you, a lot of those journals are only half filled, as I would mis-place them, be so embarrassed by them that I’d basically pretend like they had a lock and I had thrown away the key, or simply forgot about them.

When I would journal, it was a venting session for me. It wasn’t necessarily all bad things — but I would just unload my day, my emotions, all the feels.. if you will.

I had never heard about gratitude journaling until a couple of years ago, and for me, this changed everything.  I came across a couple who has a youtube channel, and together they crafted a beautiful journal called The Five Minute Journal.  If you follow along over at the blog, you’ve probably heard me talk about this before.

Each morning, there’s a lot to write 3 things that you’re grateful for, 3 things that would make the day ahead amazing, and your daily affirmation.  Come night time, you simply fill in 3 things that made that day great, and something that you would have done differently.

This little journal wrapped in cream canvas has entirely changed my outlook on life.

I can honestly say I feel different if I don’t write in my journal first thing in the morning. I feel a little off centered, a little more cluttered, and a little less resolved as I go through my day to day rhythm, and the reason is always the same — I haven’t recognized gratitude for anything thus far.

For me, the act of writing things down solidifies it way more than just thinking it to myself. The pen to paper method brings it to life for me, and embeds it into my brain in such a powerful way, that for the rest of the day it’s at the forefront of my mind. I’m able to ignore the chaos of the city streets around me, and hone in on what’s important — what I’m here for.

And that’s to life my best life, and be grateful for everything adding value to it.

A practice that my boyfriend and I do each morning when we’re together, is we recite what we’re grateful for out loud while we’re making breakfast or getting ready for the day. Encouraging others to join along with the Attitude of Gratitude mentality is one of the best things we can do for one another as human beings.

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