The “I Have Nothing To Wear” Closet Hack

An Essential Closet Hack - The Calm Collective

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I’m definitely one for organization and planning ahead, but I’m also someone who gets so insanely frustrated with my closet from time to time and claims “I have nothing to wear” while staring at so many options. It’s something I’m working on daily (and it’s definitely getting better), but I decided that something had to give. I had to implement some sort of wardrobe hack so that I could shift this way of thinking.   So I got down to it.

Each month I go through my closet and take inventory of what I wore the most, what I didn’t touch, and what’s just not fitting me anymore. This time, I decided to physically try on the clothes and create outfits.  Some of which are weekly go-tos, and others I got creative and pulled pieces that I wouldn’t normally put together to switch things up.  Then, a light bulb went off. I poured myself a little rosé, put on some country music and began closet evaluation #49105491534.

I reached for my phone to take photos of the outfits I had put together so I’d remember for days ahead, and stopped myself in my tracks.  Instead, I ran to my bathroom, grabbed a bunch of little hair ties, and combined the pre-arranged outfits.  Some bottoms have about 5 different tops tied to it, while some outfits stand alone.  (like the one you see photographed, or dresses that are stand alone outfits)   I did this last week, and so far it’s been AMAZING. It takes me two seconds to get dressed, since the only thing I have to decide is “do I feel like wearing a skirt, pants or a dress?” and then I choose from any of the pre-arranged outfits.  I don’t have a ton of clothes, so everything I own I know I’ll actually wear (unless as I stated above, its not fitting properly.)  I have quite a few pairs of shoes (maybe 12-15 pairs?) so that’s generally the only “tough” decision, but with each outfit I already have general idea as to what style of shoe will go best.

An Essential Closet Hack - The Calm Collective

An Essential Closet Hack - The Calm Collective

And there you have it. My wardrobe hack that I swear by.  

It took me maybe 3 hours from start to finish, and I feel like a brand new person with one less thing to worry about each day.

An Essential Closet Hack - The Calm Collective

PS: The BEST velvet hangers (that come in a pack of 50)


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