The true meaning of disaster

open wick candles on a table by the window

I was reading one of my favorite books last week and came across something that I hadn’t caught all of the other times I read the pages. 

Glennon Doyle’s (my favorite author) book Love Warrior goes on to talk about the topic of disaster. Her life was blowing up to such a degree she could hardly see up from down. She physically had to balance herself by using the walls around her. 

And that’s when I read it. What the word disaster is compiled of:

Dis means without. Astro means stars. 

To be without light.

Disaster can only occur, if we lose all awareness of light. 

open wick candles on a table by the window

I must have re-read this a hundred times over. I’ve come back to it over the course of the week, walked around with this page open while I cooked breakfast, just reading and re-reading, saying it out loud until it fully sunk in as the truth.

And so it is.

The next time I begin to feel myself slipping into a twister of disaster, I hope I’ll come back to this. I hope I’ll remember that the sun has his turn, and the moon as hers. With darkness, comes light.

And so long as we’re aware, we’ll never be without.


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