A Short List of Good Things

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Happy Monday, loves. This weekend flew, and was incredibly social which I needed. I tend to fall on the “hermit” scale, especially since so much of my work revolves around writing. We met up with some friends at an outside bar with food trucks to listen to some live music, had dinner with some close family friends of Chris’ and spent yesterday (all day) doing some renovation work. Things are moving along – with trial and error of course ;) but steady and surely we’re crossing things off the list. Above is a little sneak peek at part of the living room – which applies to a couple things below that I’m currently grateful for :) Hope you enjoy this round of A Short List of Good Things! Don’t forget to make time to scribble down things that make you happy – even if it’s the tiniest, littlest thing. It’s a mood booster, and a really lovely thing to look back on months/years down the road. x

  • This song. I’ve been listening to it on repeat and can’t get the volume loud enough.
  • I’ve been on this strange kick with animal crackers. I don’t even want to tell you how many I’ve consumed over the last several days, but its this huge nostalgic pull for me every time I eat one. The danger also most definitely lies in the fact that I got it from Sam’s Club — so, you know, this “kick” will be going on for a while.
  • I recently just got this face oil and the jasmine scent is mind blowing. I’ve been wearing it in the morning and it’s the first thing that I put on.
  • We’ve been living with dark navy blue curtains in the downstairs area of the house and while we loved it at first, it started feeling SO dark and heavy. I found some really beautiful light beige linen curtains from Meijer, of all places, and it’s completely transformed the room (photographed in the image above!)
  • This cacao powder with vanilla coconut milk, a dash of cayenne and a dash of cinnamon has become a daily thing. 
  • I’m in the midst of creating a minimalist summer jewelry post, and I came across this simple gold choker that I can’t take my eyes off. Thinking I’m going to have to pull the plug and buy it. I wear this necklace just about every day, and they’d layer perfectly. 
  • Tiny little daisies have been growing in our yard and they’re the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve been picking them and putting them in little bud vases around the house. 

Wildflowers Daisies - The Calm Collective

  • We finally got around to hanging some things on our bare walls! So far it’s just a mirror and a wooden crate for some decor (which is photographed above), but we’re going to be hanging some of my prints from the shop in a week or so. It makes it feel so much more cozy.
  • I’m reading this super sweet book before bed and I can’t recommend it enough. Such an easy read, and it doesn’t require much thought, which is perfect when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep.
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