Some thoughts on self love

dancing with hat in the middle of the street

I get so bummed out when I hear people talk about self love like it’s this new age trend. A trend? Self love? In what world? 

Since the beginning of time, self love has been evident and of the utmost importance. In my opinion, it’s truly the only way to explain having any sort of values, morals and boundaries.

Because you love yourself enough to do so.

It also falls under such a large umbrella – the acts of self love are endless: putting lotion on your body, saying no to someone who’s giving off red flags, giving yourself the sleep you need, meditating, protesting, buying a shirt you like, eating chocolate for breakfast,  drinking water, taking a bubble bath, getting a massage, turning down plans that don’t feel good, saying yes to plans that do, making a grounding healthy soup, etc. 

Self love is so much more than what the endless Pinterest graphics are telling us. 

Self love isn’t just eating the piece of chocolate and getting the massage – it’s believing that you’re worthy of those things.

 Self love is mirroring the action with the belief. 

dancing in the middle of the street in a dress and hat

You’re getting that massage because you know you work hard and you appreciate your body for getting you through the day, the week, the month. You’re eating the chocolate because you LOVE the way it tastes and you release any judgement around the fact that it isn’t “healthy” for you. 

You’re saying no to that date because you love yourself enough to know that it isn’t right, so you stay home and take the bubble bath instead or make that big pot of soup and invite some girlfriends over.

So the next time you’re performing an act of self love, try and identify the belief that’s connected to it. Say it out loud. Write it in your journal. See how it makes you feel.  

My prediction? You’ll never look at self love the same way again. 

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