Time Is Our Most Valuable Asset

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This post is sponsored by Nordgreen and the items that I’m featuring in this post were gifted, and I do not make a commission should you choose to purchase one yourself. I whole heartedly believe in this Scandinavian company that practices social sustainability, philanthropy, and quality. I’ve taken weeks to wear and experience this watch for myself before giving my transparent review below. Thank you so much for supporting this blog!

Time is a funny thing.

It races, it drags, and before we know it we’re left saying things like “where did the time go?” or “what’s taking so long?” Some days it’s on our side, other days we feel it slipping through our finger tips, trying to clinch to it with both fists, on purpose, just to squeeze a little bit more time into our cups.

I’ve felt this way often. Moments in relationships that I wanted to freeze — so good I swore I could live in that moment forever. Moments during my dad’s illness where I wanted to fast forward through the discomfort and his pain — both his and mine. Mostly his. Uncomfortable conversations that left me feeling like I was crawling out of my skin, watching my nieces and nephews grow up so fast I swear I’d pay millions to slow it down just a little.

The concept of time relies entirely on the season of our lives — the little moments that make it so. And with each day that passes, and the more I dive deep into this way of mindful living and doing my best to be present and embrace, instead of future trip and worry, time is becoming a bit more irrelevant to me and my life. I think this way often about my age and what society says I should be doing as a 34 year old woman (married with children). I think about how this specific concept of time (aka: it “not being on my side”) is not something that I subscribe to whatsoever, and how grateful I am that that’s my truth.

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I think about it when it comes to my creativity, too. Feeling the pressure of deadlines and learning to let that go, slowly but surely. Creativity shouldn’t be rushed, it should be taken seriously and mulled over and sipped on. And although my reputation as a photographer with a very fast turnaround time feels natural to me (I want these tangible moments in your hands as quickly as possible!), there are certain projects that require more time, more space, more breathing room to become what it was meant to become. (like my Decluttering Course that’s launching this winter, for example). One of our greatest lessons here on Earth, I believe, is to detach from what we’re taught. and to hone in on what we authentically know. That we were all born good, that happiness and love is our birthright, and that time is, actually, on our side.

It’s all about how we use it, and how we choose to see it.

I was recently gifted this beautiful watch from Danish watch company Nordgreen (designed by Jakob Wagner), and every time I look down at it’s timeless and minimalistic design, I kid you not when I say I feel that much more grounded and centered. I just started wearing watches not too long ago, and I’m challenging myself to use them as a means to just BE (and to not run late of course — my pet peeve). I’m trying to leave behind the days where my watch is used to wish time away, to speed it up, or to fill each and every gap with something “productive”.

This watch reminds me to live in the moment. A little wild that a piece of minimalist fashion has the ability to do that, yeah? Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

When Nordgreen first reached out to me about their Scandinavian watches, I was instantly intrigued based on their beautiful website and their message of social sustainability (and also because I’m Scandinavian ;)

When you purchase a watch from Nordgreen, you have the ability to donate part of your purchase to causes in the fields of health, education and the environment. I couldn’t love this anymore if I tried. And if you’re passionate or even slightly conscious about vegan fashion and are into supporting vegan clothing brands, then this gives you yet another reason to keep Nordgreen on your radar since they give you the option to choose vegan leather when you’re choosing your straps.

Plus, with Christmas time right around the corner, I love that you can buy unique Christmas gifts (they have quite the variety — we’ll get to that!) for someone you love, and give back all at once.

Now that I’ve given you a little background on the company, let’s get into the actual review of the watch.

upclose watch on coffee table

I ordered the Native with the white dial, gold metal and 40mm face. This watch is one of the best timeless trends, because it’s unisex and incredibly simple. You can choose from other metals and face sizes as well, which I love — but when it comes to watches, I almost always tend to go for the larger face for that “boyfriend style”.

By far one of the coolest things about this watch company? You can buy multiple leather watch straps and change them out. This was the biggest plus (alongside it being sustainable and made with vegan leather, if you so choose). I received the watch in the brown vegan leather strap, with an extra black vegan leather strap. Since I’m almost always wearing neutrals or black and white, this made perfect sense for me. Plus, I already have a gold watch that I wear often, so getting another metal strap just didn’t feel necessary for me.

It comes in the most beautiful packaging (if you know about Scandinavian minimalism this just isn’t a surprise to you at all :) and the watch face is protected and secured in it’s box. The extra strap comes in a sleek little envelope for you to keep secure until you’re ready to use it.

black and brown leather watch

I’ve worn both, but am working on breaking in the brown right now. Speaking of which, that’s the only downfall I’ve had thus far with the watch — the band. It’s not that it’s stiff per se, it just takes a little bit of breaking in (maybe that’s the small, tiny downfall to vegan leather? I’m not sure.) It’s just like a pair of shoes that you’re so excited to get, and then you realize that you need to spend some time walking around in them before it feels like butter or an extension of your leg. The same thing with this watch. It’s taken a bit of time for me to break it in and have it really adapt to my wrist. I’m thankful that it isn’t stiff or uncomfortable, I’m just being patient while it breaks in and softens a bit more.

I also have the tiniest wrists on the planet, haha, so I have to wear the strap on the very last hole – and thankfully the strap doesn’t stick out at the end. Do you know what I’m talking about? I hate when that happens! But the watch has 2 loops that keep it super secure and in place, and it’s the exact amount of material so you don’t have a tail.

I also appreciate that it’s rain resistant, especially with Chicago diving into winter. I wouldn’t recommend showering with it, though you could, but that would wear the watch out much quicker — and definitely avoid swimming since it only has the capability for 3 ATM (which I had to do some research on and it equates to about  30 meters under water). Again, you could probably get away with it, but personally, I would avoid it.

The other bonus is that, in my opinion, for the quality and the ability to change the straps whenever you’d like, they’re nice affordable watches. The watch I was gifted was $200 (the extra watch strap is valued at $49), but nothing goes above $300 aside from a couple of their “bundles” (more on that below). Honestly, that’s a price I would gladly pay for out of my own pocket having seen and lived with my watch for a while now, both for myself or to give as a gift to someone I love.

It’s not just for women, either. They have a large variety of mens watches as well — so if you’re looking for a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift for your love, this could be perfect. Personally, I love this one and this one.

On the subject of Christmas and gift giving, one of the coolest things I saw that they offer are their Bundles for men and for women, which ultimately ends up saving you 20%. It comes with the watch face of your choice and 2 additional straps and majority of their options are under $300. That’s basically 3 watches in 1. It’s so smart, in my opinion.

I love this one and am thinking about giving it to one of my best friends for Christmas.

And there you have it — my honest review on this nordic jewelry line, Nordgreen. Get the name now? It took me a minute ;)

hands in the air with watch on

I hope reviews like this are helpful, especially when it comes to seeking out current trends and timeless pieces that are sustainable and support longevity. I’m always trying to hone in more on quality over quantity, and to do my best to highlight brands, like Nordgreen, who are doing good in the world while providing us with beautiful pieces at the same time.

No, I’m not perfect. Yes, I will still tell you about something I found on Amazon if I love it and it’s making my life easier — but I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if I’m taking the time to write about it with all of you — it’s because I really do value it in one way or another. Transparency is key (whether something was gifted or not, if I’m making a commission off of it, etc) — it builds trust, community and value and that’s such a huge piece of living a mindful, intentional life. So, more of that, please and thank you.

PS: If you DO want to buy a watch for yourself or someone you love this holiday season, Nordgreen is offering you 15% off at checkout when you use the code THECALMCOLLECTIVE15 — just use this link to purchase, enter in your code at the end, and voilá! You’re good to go.  And again, I receive zero in commission should you decide to buy one :)

See you back here soon for the holiday GIFT GUIDES for him and her! x


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