Decorating For Fall: How To Use What You Have At Home

How To Use What You Have When Decorating Your Home For Fall - The Calm Collective

Hi babes! Happy Friday. I spent majority of yesterday thinking it was the weekend-Eve (anyone else?) so I’m feeling a little mixed up this morning.  We’re still over here trucking along on Chris’ house renovation (a more thorough post with pictures coming soon!) and will be spending majority of today painting and laying the flooring (YAY!) and trying to get most of it done while it’s still fall (#winteriscoming)

To give you a brief summary: Chris had been looking for a house for a year+ here in Northern Michigan, and finally found the most charming little A-frame. We split even time between Traverse City and Chicago, and when he asked if I would help him with the renovations/interior design (my favorite thing in the world and truly the career I would have chosen in another life – maybe there’s still time!?) I obviously jumped at the opportunity. It helps that we have pretty much the exact same style and aesthetic when it comes to design and decor ideas, too (phew) Speaking of decor – that’s what we’re talking about today ;)  I’m still on the “so giddy it’s fall” train over here, so I wanted to talk about how you can decorate your home for fall without falling (ha) victim to all of the temptations the stores throw out you.  Because guess what? I bet you anything you already own what you need to decorate your home for the season.

And who doesn’t love saving money and minimizing clutter?

Fall Decor You Already Own:

I completely understand the appeal of paroozing the Target aisles for hours on end, admiring the fall smells, the candles (my weakness) the pumpkins, the wall hangings, etc. They know exactly what they’re doing and know how to break each of us down bit by bit; making us convinced that we cannot leave the stores without each and every item.  Don’t even get me started on TJMaxx. Their fall section is to die for.

But this year? I tested my will power. As you may have noticed from previous posts (and future posts to come) I’ve become incredibly motivated to quit impulse spending once and for all, and to only purchase things that have real use and value for my life, long term.  Fall, being my favorite season, was a MAJOR test, and one that I was not looking forward to. But I came up with some creative solutions to curb my Target and TJMaxx seasonal addiction, and I want to share them with all of you – because as I said, I guarantee you already have what you need inside your homes.

How To Use What You Have When Decorating Your Home For Fall - The Calm Collective

Color tones:

Anything that has the color tone of fall could be considered fall decor.  As you can see in the photo above, I have a raw wood tray that gives off that earthy-woodsy vibe that’s so perfect for fall. I put it on my coffee table and added a few fall-like items that I had elsewhere in my home, and in my little storage unit. Certain candles that are in amber glass are great for decor, and as you may have read in this post, you can reuse jars around your home and fill them with twinkle lights, mums, candy corn, or make your own homemade candles using fall inspired essential oils. 


Ha, yep. You heard me. See the photo above? That’s a sweet little yellow leaf I found while walking Jasper. I simply replaced a photo that I had hanging on my gallery wall, and pressed this yellow leaf into it.  Talk about an easy craft. No shortage of leaves around come fall. 


This one really only applies to those of you who love having white lights around your home year round.  Around this time of year it feels especially autumnal to have them sprinkled around the house. You can also change up the lighting in your home by adding thin scarves with warmer tones over your lamps to dim and give an autumnal hue. Just be sure not to leave the house with the lamps on (you could start a fire)

Old fall decorations:

Like I mentioned above, I totally get the temptation to shop for new decorations, but here’s the thing: we only use them for a short period of time and then store them away. This is yet another example in purchasing things you love that add long term value, so that when the season comes around again, it feels exciting to pull them back out.  Like the glass pumpkins that are on my coffee table. They’re timeless, and something that I’ll use year after year. (they’re also baking dishes!) 


My bedroom is where I would keep the warmer tones, where my living room had more creams and blues.  Once fall came around, I simply did a pillow swap, and brought the warmer throw pillows out onto the couch. It instantly changed the space and made it feel so much more warm and cozy.  I also embraced my chunky knit throw blankets and instead of putting them away in their usual basket, I leave them out on display. 

Your pantry:

Chances are, you have cinnamon(sticks), oranges, apples and cloves in your pantry. If you don’t, buying these items won’t go to waste as they’re nutritional and will be used for other things as well in future recipes. My point? Throw all of these thing sin a pot and you have the most insane fall scent floating through your home. If you haven’t tried this before, seriously – run. Go do it right now. It’s magical. Plus it will save you from spending $12+ on a candle! Try this recipe.

How To Use What You Have When Decorating Your Home For Fall - The Calm Collective

How To Shop Your Home For Fall - The Calm Collective

So there you have it! 6 super easy ways to implement fall decorations into your homes without breaking the bank, adding access clutter to your space, and using what you already have. As I talk about time and time again, it’s all about recognizing our weak spots and doing our best to be mindful rather than impulsive. Below is a little cheat sheet if you’d like to Pin it or print it out for your reference. I hope this helps! xx

How To Use What You Have When Decorating Your Home For Fall: Cheat Sheet - The Calm Collective