We’re In This Together

We're In This Together: Some Thoughts on the COVID Pandemic - The Calm Collective

I’ve been sitting long and hard with what I want to share regarding the pandemic that’s hit the world. On one hand, I want to express some of the anxiety and dis-ease I’ve been harboring, but in my heart of hearts I think there’s so much of that floating around already. On social media, when you turn on the TV, talking amongst our neighbors.

So I meditated this morning and did a series of Kundalini yoga mudras that brought forth a lot of clarity, and I knew right then and there what I wanted to share here on this platform.

I’ll be the first to admit that when the Corona virus came to the surface, I shunned it off as “media-manic”. It really has a powerful way of herding us like cattle into a fear mentality, doesn’t it? Remember Y2K? The scarcity, the end of the world, the worst case scenario. This part of us, this egoic response is so, so human – so I forgive it all and I acknowledge it whole heartedly and in it’s entirety. But also recognize that it goes so much deeper.

I truly believe, down to my very core, that this is one of the greatest lessons in empathy and mindfulness that our generation will witness, and hopefully, learn from and carry forth the lessons.

My response in the beginning of all of this was “but I’m young and healthy. I’m not affected”. How naive — though I was just starting to gain all of the information, bit by bit. Where I’ve landed is that It’s not about what it will do to me, it’s about what it could do to YOU.

I have a little niece who’s has a compromised immune system. I keep her at the forefront.

I have friends who have compromised immune systems. I keep them at the forefront.

You could have a compromised immune system, or live with someone who does. I keep you at the forefront.

The human collective. That is what this is about.

Each morning, I wake up and feel into the gratitude that I have for being safe and secure, to have this time to do the things I always say “I’ll get around to”, to try and find ways to help from afar, to stay connected with the outside world while I nestle up in my apartment with Jasper, to have the means to buy what I need when I need it during this uncertain time.

With that being said, please, please be mindful when you’re stocking up at the store. Feel into the collective and bring forth the people who heavily rely on getting by with pantry staples, frozen vegetables, diapers and the like.  If you’re stocking up out of fear, tap into the people who live like this every day of their lives, living paycheck to paycheck. Ask yourself, is this a real need? Or is this fear projecting itself? Can I do better?

We have the opportunity to not only support each other but to protect each other. From this pandemic, from the panic.

All the love to each of you. Stay healthy. x


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