Finding Gratitude in the Pain

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This year has been such a whirlwind. I was sitting down with my mom and Grandma the other day and we were talking about life and time. How quickly it can pass in one instant, yet other seasons (usually the difficult ones), you feel like it’s creeping on and you just might feel stagnant forever.

While I would have never believed you if you told me four months go that I would be where I am now, the growth that has occurred inside of me and in my life is hard to even put into words. I have this understanding of myself that is so, so sacred. I have these friendships that showed up BEYOND my wildest expectations, a strength that I carry that has blown me away – I had no idea I was capable of being so resilient, and boundaries that have been put in place that I know for certain are going to carry me far for the rest of my life.

It would be so easy for me to decide to crumble this holiday season. To decide that my life isn’t the way that I pictured it to be or the way that I “thought” it was supposed to be. But instead, I’ve chosen to embrace the positive spin that my life is exactly as it’s MEANT to be. The Universe doesn’t punish us, ever.. and I know this to be true because with every single hardship that’s come along (and there have been many), something extraordinary came from all of these things: an insane amount of self love and self respect.

And those two things are invaluable.

Was there pain? Hell yes. Some of it still lingers today as that’s just part of the human experience. But what out weighs the pain is the gift of perspective that it’s brought into my life. That no matter what is thrown at me, I’m grounded. I’m secure. I’m held.

Within every ounce of pain, you can find a reason to be grateful.

For me, that reason is internal growth. So that’s what I’m choosing to focus on this holiday season (and all of the days after that).

What are you grateful for?



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