What I Really Want To Tell You About Self Care

What I Really Want To Tell You About Self Care - The Calm Collective

For the longest time, self care to me meant doing this or doing that.. taking a bath or going for a walk. Eating a cookie or getting a massage. But what about just doing NOTHING?

What about doing nothing to benefit from self care and being totally and utterly okay with that decision?  Turning off all devices and going inward, even if just for a little bit, to hear what’s actually going on inside ourselves. What do we need, want, desire? What don’t we want, need, desire?

Now imagine if someone were to ask:

“Do you want to go see a movie?”
“No, but thanks for the invitation!”
“What are you doing instead?”

There would be a head tilt, no question. You’d leave people feeling a little uneasy and confused, and maybe even taking it personal (which they shouldn’t), but as a society, doing nothing equates to being lazy — when really, when it’s in doses it should be applauded and admired.

Because we as humans always seem to be operating from this place of doing something at all times — even when it’s engrained in our self care routine, even when we think we’re doing nothing. The intention is there, but we’re missing the mark…

Cooking while listening to music? Still something. Sitting outside while on Instagram? Still something. 

What I Want To Tell You About Self Care - The Calm Collective

So a little challenge if you will – the next time you want to do some self care (which should be every single day my friend), take pause and think about what it would look like to do absolutely nothing. Whether that’s sitting outside and taking in your surroundings, cuddling your dog, or just taking a nap.. the art of doing nothing is one of the most powerful ways you can show up for yourself.

In case you feel like you needed permission to do so, I’m always happy to oblige. Because like I tell you all the time, you deserve it. x

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