What’s Inside My Nightstand

What's On My Nightstand - The Calm Collective

Much like morning routines, people’s nightstands and what they choose to have alongside their bed is fascinating to me. It can tell you a lot about a person, if you think about it.  What books they’re reading, the design of their journal, a photograph they may keep nearby.  At the root of it, what you keep by your bedside is designed to be what brings you peace and clarity.

Peace for when you fall asleep, clarity for when you wake up.

What's On My Nightstand - The Calm Collective


Back in college, I didn’t have much sense of the benefits of a night stand — rather I’d use it to hold an empty beer can and maybe a chocolate wrapper. Maybe (maybe) a textbook or two.  It was used as a means of storage — a trash can of sorts. That’s actually kind of gross, now that I think about it. It’s no wonder I suffered from chronic illness in college — my body was so out of wack and my nightstand wasn’t serving it’s purpose ;)

These days, while my nightstand is minimal, it holds things of value that not only put me into a restful sleep, but help me to wake up with insane amounts of gratitude and clarity for the day ahead. I’m someone who does well with routine — not so much throughout my day, but definitely in the mornings and in the evenings.  So what goes in and on my nightstand is a huge component of said routines — as they’re the first, and last, thing(s) I reach for.

What's On My Nightstand - The Calm Collective

So, lets have a look, shall we?

On top of my nightstand:

+ A lamp. Ground breaking, I know. We have A-frame walls so a lamp shade is a no-go. Exposed Edison bulbs do the trick, and I like the sleek look it gives off. // The one I have is old, but I’ve been eyeballing this lamp for a while now. We also always use edison bulbs since they give off a really nice relaxing, amber glow.

+ Clear quartz crystal. Used for healing and grounding. When you’re not using them skin to skin, it’s important to leave your crystals in a place where you see them often.

+ Sage. I light this a couple of times a week throughout our bedroom and all around my body for some cleansing and clearing. I love the smell, too, so it’s a total win/win.


+ A ceramic vase that holds eucalyptus. It’s the most amazing smell, one of my favorites, and is really soothing to me at all times of the day. Plus I love the way it looks. (The vase that I have is old, but this one is similar and I actually own this one as well.)

What's On My Nightstand - The Calm Collective

Inside my nightstand: 

+ Zum lavender spray. This goes on our sheets + pillows every night.

+ Lavender essential oil.  I put it on the balms of my feet for helpful sleep.

+ Calm magnesium powder. We drink this tea every night in bed, and I always pour a little in there for a magnesium boost.

+ Whatever current book I’m reading. Right now it’s going back and forth between this one and this one.

+ This incredible (and safe) lip balm that I’ve become addicted to. I put this on every single night before I go to bed, and every single morning when I wake up.

What's On My Nightstand - The Calm Collective

+ My journal and a pen. Since this is something I do every morning and every night, it’s important for me to have it near by so that I don’t let it slip.  I have so much more clarity when journaling is done first thing and last thing.

What's On My Nightstand - The Calm Collective

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