My (Clean) Winter Skincare Routine + a GIVEAWAY with Damn Good Face Wash

Winter Skincare Routine with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all having a beautiful start to the week. Let’s get straight to the point of today’s post as I’ve got some serious meal prepping to get to today ;)

It’s no secret how much I love beauty and skincare, and the cleaner the better. While I’m a far cry from being perfect, I’m incredibly mindful (my favorite word) about what goes in and on my body. There are a few underwhelming ways to know that what you’re purchasing is safe, and the first is to download the Healthy Living app by EWG (the Environmental Working Group). You simply scan the product, and it gives it a rating (anything that shows up green and is under a 3 is a good product to buy).

As we all know, each season is not created equal when it comes to skincare.

What you use in the summer will be different than what you use in the winter. Humidity helps with keeping your skin hydrated, but in the winter.. we’re doing everything in our power to keep from cracking and drying out. So I thought I would share with all of you what it is that I use when the winter months strike. I generally end up switching my products around in late October.

Winter Skincare Routine with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective

My Clean Winter Skincare Routine • Step by step

• I start with warm water and The Works Face Wash by Damn Good Face Wash. This stuff is liquid gold (but with an attainable price point). It’s base is coconut oil, so it leaves your skin feeling BABY soft. Seriously. It’s the best thing I’ve ever put on my skin (and I’ve put a lot of things on my skin over the years). I’m such a believer in this stuff – I’ve gotten my sister and so many of my friends using it.

• Once I’ve massaged it into my skin for about 60 seconds (I try to make this a super therapeutic experience and really focus on massaging), I don’t focus too much on the rinsing part. I rinse maybe 2-3 times with warm water, and with the access face wash on my skin, I take a clean washcloth and wipe the rest off.

• I follow up with Thayer’s Lavender Face Toner (it smells SO good and is insanely gentle) and a cotton swap. This removes any and all access makeup from the day.

Winter Skincare Routine and Essentials - The Calm Collective

• If it’s in the morning, I head to my fridge and apply Alba Botanica’s Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes (which you can get at Whole Foods) to my under eyes and let that soak in and dry for about 10 minutes while I make my coffee. If you like instant gratification, this stuff is for you. My tip is to absolutely keep it in the fridge. Applying it when it’s cold helps ease the puffiness.

If it’s in the evening, I obviously skip this step and move onto my face oil.

• I apply Dr. Bronner’s Organic Peppermint Lip Balm. This stuff… whew. It’s safe enough to eat (thank goodness because it tastes delicious) Again, you can get this at Whole Foods.

Winter Skincare Routine with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective

• After the puffy eyes serum has dried, I alternate face oils. Every other morning I use The Very Best Oil by Damn Good Face Wash which is amazing for skin rebuilding and giving your face a youthful glow. On the other days I use Biossance’s Squalane Vitamin C Rose Oil which is awesome for brightening and reducing fine lines and wrinkles (plus it smells insane).

Winter Skincare Routine and Essentials - The Calm Collective

• If it’s in the evening, after I’ve washed my face and apply my toner (I do this morning and evening), I alternate between using Beautycounter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel which is AMAZING and worth all of the hype that it gets (it sells for $58, but honestly it lasts so long and as I mentioned.. it’s worth it) and The Calm Oil  by Damn Good Face Wash. This oil along with The Works Face Wash that I mentioned above are my two secret weapons when it comes to my skin.

Winter Skincare Routine with Damn Good Face Wash - The Calm Collective

I love it so much that in the spirit of the Holidays I’ll be GIVING AWAY THE WORKS FACE WASH TO ONE OF YOU! *PLUS* a few of my favorite winter essentials…

This giveaway retails at $40

It’s super easy to enter. Here’s all you have to do:

• Follow Damn Good Face Wash on Instagram

• Follow The Calm Collective over on Instagram and tag 3 friends where you see The Works Face Wash show up.

• The winner will be chosen next Monday at random by 11:59pm CST over on Instagram (which is why it’s so important that you leave your username in the review so I know how to find you!)

Lastly, because Kate is the best, she’s offering all of you 20% off everything in the shop through next Monday, December 17th when you use the code CALMCOLLECTIVE at checkout!

Good luck – xx


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