5 Ways to Create a Healthy Work / Life Balance

5 Ways to Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance • The Calm Collective

The art of the work/life balance is a difficult one to master, and I wont sit here and try to tell you otherwise. I’m speaking from personal experience, but I’ve also witnessed enough people in my life to know that this struggle is real, and it’s one so many of us encounter. 

It’s also one of the main questions that I get from readers on a regular basis. 

The first thing to understand is that creating a healthy work/life balance is going to look different for everyone. We’re all wired so uniquely, and what feels good to you may not feel good to me or the person beside you. 

Here are 5 ways you can create a healthy work/life balance:


5 Ways to Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance • The Calm Collective

• Ask yourself why you want it. 

Is it because you’re feeling burnt out? Is it because your partner/family feels frustration towards how much you’re working so you’re feeling guilt? Is it because you hate your job? Is it because it’s what you truly want?

You owe it to yourself to get to the bottom of why you’re considering restructuring your life to have more balance. If you truly see no issues with your life the way that it is and in your soul – you know you’re in alignment, then move along. There is nothing for you to change regardless of what anyone else thinks.  Period, the end. 

But if you feel like something is off, like you’re neglecting things that matter (yourself, your health, relationships, commitments, etc.) – then get to the root of what you’d like to see shift. 

• Plan out your ideal schedule.

Whether you work at a coffee shop or you’re in the White House is not a factor. Jot down in your journal or on a piece of paper what your ideal schedule looks like with reckless abandon. If no one else but you were in control, what would your day look like? (work included because, bills

• Now add some reality into your ideal schedule.

Where you wrote your ideal schedule, add some doses of reality. For instance, lets say you wanted to make more time to meditate. Your dose of reality could be “wake up one hour earlier to meditate before work”. Maybe you want to be able to spend more time outside. Your dose of reality could be “eat lunch outdoors instead of inside at my desk or in a restaurant.”  Less screen time? Your dose of reality could be that you communicate with your team/co-workers that “at x time, your phone will be turned off while you have dinner and spend time with your friends/family/pet/self.”

• Create a routine around your desires.

Some truth serum: no one is going to change your life for you. You’re the only one who can. That’s both amazing and daunting, I know. The simplest way to start integrating change is to try and create a routine. Wake up at the same time each day and do your meditation (example), even if you’re bobbing in and out of it and it feels uncomfortable. Show up for it.  Even if it’s raining, find a way to be outside – even if that means standing under an awning while you eat and you people watch navigating their umbrellas that always seem to have a mind of their own. If (and when) you feel temptation to cave into your “no screen time”, simply turn your phone off to ease the twitch and the desire to “just check something really quick”. 

Create a routine, and take it seriously. I promise you, this works. I’m speaking from experience! 

5 Simple and Efficient Ways to Create a Healthy Work Life Balance and to Get Your Personal Life Back on Track - The Calm Collective

• Take notes along the way and adjust what needs adjusting.

This is your life – and you’re building it to look and feel the way that you want it to look and feel. By taking notes along the way, you’re allowing yourself to be honest about what feels good, and what feels off. If meditating in the morning just isn’t working – don’t force it. Maybe you’d be better of going for a run, or maybe lingering in bed and reading before you get started on your day is a better act for you. Try meditating at night instead of the morning.  Don’t force something that doesn’t feel in alignment for you.

It truly comes down to just being self aware. Of owning what it is that you truly want, and acting accordingly. 

And remember, do this for yourself first and understand why you want to make the change. Without this transparency, you rob yourself of the ability to authentically adapt to the changes and design your days to be fulfilling and abundant.

You deserve everything you want out of this life. Remember that.

If you’re interested in further guidance on how to connect on a deeper level with your intuition to create healthy patterns in your day to day life, let me know by clicking the button below. I would love to work with you on this through 1:1 advising sessions. x


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