Creating Your Perfect Gallery Wall

How To Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall - The Calm Collective

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How To Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall - The Calm Collective

Gallery walls. Intimidating as all get out – no?  I knew I wanted to put one up the minute I saw the #tccloft, but the thought of having to organize it, plan it out and make sense of it all – and of course, keep everything STRAIGHT just felt like a giant headache.

So, I did what anyone would do. I bought a TON of frames of all shapes and sizes, way more than necessary (returned the ones I didn’t end up using!) and laid them out on my floor in an arrangement that made even just a little bit of sense.  I then poured myself a huge glass of wine, paroozed my hard drive for some of my favorite work that I had photographed while traveling, printed out a couple of my favorite poems, and had my best friend Jamie make me the travel print that’s front and center.

This was truly a shot in the dark, I’m not going to lie to you.  And I won’t even begin to try and give you pointers on how to lay everything out, how to hang things straight, etc. I didn’t use a level, I didn’t mark the holes with a pen or whatever, I literally measured the width of my sofa and started nailing holes and praying for the best.  Fortunately there wasn’t much error. A few small holes here and there, but the frames covered them up.

So you’re probably wondering then – what’s the point of this post?  Just a few little tips to help you create the perfect gallery wall that reflects you as a person, or what you’re all about.

How To Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall - The Calm Collective

For me personally, travel has been a constant in my heart and head. Ever since I started traveling abroad to photograph beautiful weddings, the bug hit me and it feels like it can’t be stopped.  I never really felt the desire to travel much before I went to Paris for the first time in 2012 – but that’s how it goes, isn’t it? You never know until you try.  I knew I wanted a gallery that would remind me to continue reaching outside of my comfort zone.. to explore more, and not to settle for what’s comfortable.

In coming up with a theme of sorts, it made the hunt for the work I wanted to display that much easier.  Travel and adventure inspired, with a few gentle reminders to live my best life.  So lets walk through what I’ve got displayed, shall we?

How To Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall - The Calm Collective


  • 2 little planters from Urban Outfitters (I still need to buy little succulents to fill them)
  • A poem from one of my favorite books, “Salt” | It says:

“stay soft, it looks beautiful on you.”

  • Underneath is an underwater photo of myself swimming in the Atlantic Ocean taken by a photographer friend, Chelsea Erwin.
  • One of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken – a shot of Josephina on my sister’s ranch, sticking her tongue out at me. Epic timing!
  • The mediterranean while traveling Greece with my mama after photographing a wedding on Skyros Island
  • A metal sign that says:

“what good shall I do this day?”

  • Florence, Italy. The buildings were perfectly reflecting on the water. I was also shoulder to shoulder with my mama, my best friend Jamie and her husband Mike. It was such a memorable trip with some of my nearest and dearest after photographing a wedding in Tuscany
  • This shot is of my boyfriend, Chris, while he was traveling Iceland. His friend Anthony took it, but I love it so much. He’s also been insanely inspiring when it comes to adventure and trying new things, so I love the subtle reminder this photo brings
  • Travel print that my best friend Jamie made for me. I love it for so many reasons – mainly because it reminds me that my money is worth saving for experiences, not material posessions. It says:

“travel: the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

  • A gold marble clock (which you can find here)
  • A close up print of my first fiddle leaf fig. RIP (haha)
  • My first long exposure shot in Joshua Tree. It captured constellations and the richest navy blue sky I had ever seen. Tough to see in this photo here, unfortunately, due to the glare
  • Another poem from one of my favorite poets, Nayyirah Waheed. It chokes me up every time, and means so much to me. It says:

“do not choose the lesser life. do you hear me. do you hear me. choose the life that is. yours. the life that is seducing your lungs. that is dripping down your chin.”

  • Whitefish, Montana. I took this trip to photograph a wedding, and brought one of my favorite humans, Kristi, along with me. We made an adventure out of it, and came across this gorgeous rush of water.  It’s one of my favorite landscape photos
  • A simple Instagram photo of light pink roses that I took years ago. It always made me happy for some reason, so why not frame it?
  • A watercolor silhouette of a man and a woman.  This photo reminds me to slow down, be a good partner, and love on the people in my life with the best of intentions, always

How To Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall - The Calm Collective

So there you have it! My gallery wall and the reason behind the selections.  Keep it personal, keep it true to you, don’t try and mock the things you see on Pinterest or what other people are doing. This is your home, your space, your own adult-version vision board (say that 3 times fast!)  As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at! x

How To Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall - The Calm Collective



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